Integrative Yoga Teacher Training Course 200 Hrs. Yoga Alliance (USA) Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)

Full Time Course: 30th Oct 2019 to 27th Nov 2019
Part Time Course: 28th Sep to 30th Nov 2019

Integrative Yoga is a synthesis of the teachings of the Himalayan tradition of Swami Rama, the Intuitive Yoga of spinal freedom inspired by Vanda Scaravelli, Taoist Yin Yoga, the Zen Mindfulness teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and the philosophy of non-dualism of Advaita Vedanta. Integrated into the teachings are special kriyas, bandhas and breath work to provide a system that is well rounded and holistic.

Integrative Yoga can be best described as “meditation in movement” cultivating lightness in body, stillness of mind and the experience of innate bliss and freedom that is ever present.

Our 200 Hours Foundation Level course will not only enable you to deepen your own practice and lead to self transformation, but also create a firm foundation for you to lead your students into the state of silence & stillness that will be most rewarding & fulfilling.

Teacher Training Course Oct-Nov 2018

Awaken To Your Inner ‘Teacher’

The Integrative Teacher Training encourages personal growth in your quest to teach or deepen self practice. You will learn how to awaken your inner ‘teacher’, find power, balance, creativity and strength.


Nicole Lee

Clemence Lejeune

Kate Sarginson



Course Details:

Pre-requisites for Certification Prior Yoga Experience – This course is open to those who have attended regular yoga classes for at least one year. Yogshakti students who have attended 21-day courses may apply for course credits.

Attendance Options Students seeking 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification may choose to attend the course either full time or part time.

Part-time study for those seeking certification We offer the TTC twice a year: May and October. The 200 hours training will be divided into 4 modules and students have a choice to do one or two modules at a time to suit your schedules. All four modules should be completed within two years of signing up to ensure continuity.

Certificates will be awarded upon completion of the 200 hours. Those not seeking full certification may choose to do individual modules and be awarded certificate of attendance.

The Yogshakti Teacher Training Course consists of the following four modules:

Duration: 70 hours
Dates: 30th October to 8th November 2019
RM 3,060

Mindfulness Is the heart of Integrative Yoga Teacher Training Program. It is an integral part of each module listed below. True self- transformation is possible only through training the mind. You will learn how to integrate Mindfulness into your yoga practice and daily life. Through practical guidance, you will be able to embrace mindfulness and bloom in it’s practice.

The Hara- Center of Being The Hara is the seat of internal awareness and the storehouse of energy. It is the center of gravity in the body from which all movement arises. We will begin by learning how to connect to the Hara through breathing practices and asanas.

Kriyas Kriyas are ancient yogic techniques that cleanse, energize and invigorate the body. You will learn how to integrate them into asanas. Kriyas will prepare you for Pranayama and Meditation.

The Buteyko Method There is a strong link between prana and carbon-dioxide. This method will provide a clearer understanding of pranayama and how the breath links the body and mind. The Buteyko Method scientifically proves the concept of breathing less which Yogis long before, discovered. For Yoga teachers this information is vital, as it will equip you in help students with issues of over breathing and dissipation of prana. We recommend you attend a Buteyko Workshop, ours or one accessible to you, either before or after the Teacher training.

Duration: 50 hours
Dates: 9th to 15th November 2019
RM 2,260

Scaravelli Inspired Spinal Eclectic Yoga This revolutionary spine centered practice, inspired by Vanda Scaravelli, will teach you how to yield to the natural intelligence of the body and free the spine to find ease, fluidity and depth in your movement. Your flexibility and back bending ability will grow as you awaken the fullest potential of your spine. You will learn how to strengthen your core and work with the energetic body through the breath. Finding balance through the polarities and undoing tension will turn your asanas into an effortless meditative ‘dance’.

Study of Chakras and Functional Anatomy In addition to studying anatomy of the physical body, we will also explore the anatomy and physiology of the chakras and nadis. Anatomy taught will be practical, relevant and functional. You will also study – benefits, contraindications, modifications and healthy movement patterns.

Duration: 40 hours
Dates: 16th to 21st November 2019
RM 1,850

Yin Yoga & Meridians The long held postures in Yin yoga, apply moderate stress to the connective tissues, tendons, fascia and ligaments, elevating joint circulation and improving flexibility. In this module, you will learn specific yin routines to improve hip flexibility, organ health, immunity and emotional well-being.

Meridians Are energy pathways through which vital force/prana/qi travel. Yin poses are designed to improve this flow through the meridian pathways of the body. You will study the main meridians and how they affect of the major organs of the body such as the kidneys, urinary bladder, liver, gall bladder, heart, small intestines, lungs and large intestines. You will also study how mental and emotional health is related to the flow of vital force through the meridians.

Duration: 40 hours
Dates: 22nd to 27th November 2019
RM 2,260

Yoga Nidra & Meditation These are the deeper and subtler practices of Yoga. Belonging to the 5th, 6th and 7th rungs on the 8 limbed path of Yoga – of Sensory withdrawal (pratyahara), Concentration (dharana) and Meditation (dhyana). This allows the student to build a strong foundation in understanding the power of silence. Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness, where the brain produces delta waves as in deep sleep, yet one remains fully conscious. This state of deep psychic relaxation can induce: creativity, healing, awaken intuition, help with problem solving and gaining deeper insights. In this training, Yoga Nidra from the Himalayan tradition and the Bihar School of Yoga will be taught. We will also explore different ways to enter the state of Meditation, from concentration, mindfulness, the use of mantra and Self–enquiry.

Philosophy Yoga aims, on an experiential level, of the oneness and unity of all things in phenomena. This happens through a threefold process in Vedanta called: Shravana-listening with a quiet mind; Manana-the process of contemplation and understanding and lastly, Niddhidyasana-the ultimate realization of this unity. We will dissect the concept of Non-dualism, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the teachings of modern day spiritual masters. These well-curated teachings of: philosophy, asanas, pranayama, meditation and mindfulness are means for the student to embark on powerful journey towards liberation, that is Yoga.

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Shilpa Ghatalia

Shilpa Ghatalia has been a lifelong student of Yoga. In 1997 she became a certified yoga teacher in the Himalayan tradition at Swami Rama’s Institute of Yogic Sciences Honesdale, USA. In 1999 under the tutelage of Swami Veda Bharati she studied the subtleties of Yoga to include Raja Yoga Meditation & Yoga Nidra. From then on, she went on to study and train with the following teachers: Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in Mindfulness; Sri Ramesh Balsekar in Advaita Vedanta; Pranayama and Basics of Ayurveda with Dr Nagaraj in India; the Buteyko Method with Patrick Keown; Master teachers Paddy McGrath and Diane Long who initiated her into revolutionary practise of *Vanda Scaravelli; Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers; Calligraphy Yoga and Qi Gong with the Shaolin Master Zen Hua Yang; Yoga Synergy training with Simon Borg Olivier, Australia. Over the years she continued to study different styles of Hatha Yoga such as Iyengar, Anusara and Yin Yoga in her quest to find a system, which led to spontaneous meditation. This led her to creating a style of Hatha Yoga called Integrative Yoga which is the synthesis of the teachings of all of the above teachers and teachings imbibed over the period of 30 years.

Shilpa Ghatalia is the founder of which is a registered Yoga Alliance (USA) school licenced to provide 200 and 300 hour teacher training programs. She trains teachers both internationally & locally.

*Vanda Scaravelli: Author of the book Awakening the Spine

Our Teacher Training Testimonials

Teacher Training Course May 2017

Cecile Chaigneau

Graduate of Yogshakti’s 200 hour Teacher Training May 2019

I knew that Yogshakti’s 200 Hours TTC has been life-changing to many, but I had no idea how my experience would become. At first, I had some doubts on whether I would be able to keep up with the program…turned out that I could not be happier with how it went! I quickly felt and understood that the course was designed to bring each of us to another level, both on and off the mat, regardless of where you were in your practice prior. It is a very detailed, professionally organized program.

My gratitude to Shilpa, a highly experienced yoga practitioner. Her talk sessions are powerful. She takes time to listen, and she is supportive to each of us throughout the course. Shilpa creates a warm, loving environment among all of us. The course is not merely about yoga practice. It is also a course on how to live. It brings with it a lot of knowledge about spirituality and philosophy. I have so much takeaway from Yogshakti’s TTC, I am looking forward to deepening my practice, physically and spiritually.

Carolina Menzel-Jones

Graduate of Yogshakti’s 200 hour Teacher Training May 2019

My name is Carolina Menzel-Jones, and my first time at Yogshakti was for the 200 hr YTT. I really didn’t know too much about the center, the style of yoga, except for what a friend told me who was going to do the course. After 11 years of practice, I knew I wanted to deepen my practice, and my lifestyle, but never found the right place to do it. After my first day in the YTT my mind and body knew immediately I had found the correct place. My understanding of yoga as just doing asanas changed completely, and slowly my soul understood that yoga is a lifestyle, a way to still the mind, and a journey into a mindful way of life. Shilpa’s knowledge surprised me, but her humble attitude and welcoming smile gave me confidence to feel ready not only to teach, but to talk the talk, and walk the walk.

Leaving the course I feel an immense peace in my mind, an eager heart to share what I learned this past month, and conscious awareness of my own path from here on. Thank you Yogshakti, Shilpa, including all her masters and life events that brought her to teach in KL, and Marlene for her warm smile and delicious food. Both of you made a memorable and life changing month, which for that I am forever grateful.

Beatrice Ankel

Graduate of Yogshakti’s 200 hour Teacher Training May 2019

My name is Beatrice and I had the pleasure of participating in the 200hour teacher’s training course with Shilpa at Yogshakti.
Due to a shoulder injury and slipped discs I was initially reluctant to join this intensive course. Therefore I started with the 21day challenge course and was immediately hooked by the holistic approach to Shilpa’s form of yoga.

The 200hour course taught me how to apply the philosophy of yoga not only on the mat but most importantly in my daily life – mindfulness, self awareness and appreciation of self and my surroundings. On top of that, the mix and pace of integrative yoga did not only prevent further aggravating my injuries, but actually taught me how to go into poses which I would have never thought I was able to.
This course has been a perfect foundation to continue my personal journey and exploration of what it truly means to look into my inner-self and incorporate yoga practice on a daily basis.

I have immense gratitude for Shilpa – this course has forever changed my life and I cannot wait to share the practice through my own teachings going forward.

Alexandra Hochbrugger

Participated in Teacher Training 2019

When my family moved to KL I suffered from homesickness and struggled with the heat. I discovered Yogshakti and found a place of peace and something that made me happy because Yoga is much more than just poses, it has live changing benefits beyond the physical sweat – the access to grow and to connect.

I was blessed to be able to partake a 200 hour yoga teacher training course at Yogshakti with Shilpa, who had made such an impact on my practice and personal life. Words can not describe how intense and life changing the practice is, Shilpa has so much to give, she makes you see things in a different perspective and there is a sence of peace when you set your foot into the lovely place of Yogshakti.

The way of Shilpa‘s teaching and how to get into the poses is very different, it’s kind to the body and she learned us to listen to our inner voice to come into poses effortlessly and with ease. The beauty of Integrative Yoga is, that it allowes my body to prepare and as a result, I managed to get into poses that I had never been able to access before. I particularly love the hip opening sequence for the fact that it unlock the area where we store our emotions, fear and suppressed feelings. Shilpa’s teaching has guided me to find inner peace and let go of crushed emotions.

It’s been beautiful this journey of Integrative Yoga and to find so much joy, peace and love and I’m already looking forward to the 300 hours teacher training in September this year.

Annette Feletti

Participated in Teacher Training 2019

I have practiced various styles of yoga on and off for 16 years but participating in Yoga TTC at Yogshakti led me to a much deeper place to discover my own inner teacher. Shilpa has an enormous depth and breadth of experience spanning both eastern and western yogic traditions. Above all she is motivated to support her students to learn and experience the true beauty of yoga for themselves and not just the asanas. It was important for me to discover the higher purpose of yoga which is to realise our true nature, to begin to come home to myself. We learnt many time honoured techniques such as Alternate Nostril breathing and Bhastrika to calm the breath and still the mind, Kapalabhati to cleanse and tone to allow prana to flow freely through joints, ligaments and muscles. The notion that the purpose of yoga is to create the conditions for meditation resonated deeply and permeated both our yin and yang practice over the duration of the course. A major focus was to learn integrated techniques to free the spine to allow the free the flow of energy inside the body. Before the course I was convinced inversions, shoulder-stands and head-stands were no longer possible for me because I am 51 years old and I have mild degeneration in my cervical spine. But with Shilpa’s guidance I am now doing both safely and I am continuing to ease into backbends without injury. My neck has not felt so light and free since I was a child. The tuition in all aspects of the anatomy of the human body relevant to yoga was comprehensive and taught in a professional yet easy to understand way. I am ever grateful to Shilpa for bringing the group together, sharing her infinite wisdom, her patience and loving guidance each day. Thank you also to my fellow students for opening their hearts and sharing their experiences so freely, your support was life affirming in so many ways. Thank you also to Marlene, it would not have been the same without your cheerful presence, the energising tea and taste-bud tantalising buffet.

Mayumi Momen

Graduate of Yogshakti’s 200 hour Teacher Training Course – May 2019

I took my first yoga class about 8 years ago we really started practicing around 3 years ago and Canada just where I’m from. I volunteered at a yoga studio as energy exchange program where I received free yoga classes, then I became a front desk the adviser for that studio. Two years ago I took a movement research-intensive 10 week course with Diane Bruni in Toronto which was based on dynamic neural stabilization among other natural forms of movement, which is in fact very similar to the methods and concepts that Shilpa teaches here at Yogshakti. When I saw that, I felt like I was at the right place. Shilpa teaches us proper alignment, functional, natural ways of moving and mindful movement or moving meditation. It is great because these methods prevent injuries and is a holistic approach to yoga. What brought me to yoga in the first place was mental health. I don’t have a fitness background but I do believe in the mind-body connection. I have periods of anxiety and I am prone to depression. It is proven that yoga and meditation have many benefits for mental health.

Shilpa uses a holistic approach to teaching yoga. Philosophy, psychology, meditation, mindful movement and strength through the poses that gives us strength off the mat. I studied psychology in my undergrad and want to pursue it so a few of the concepts that were presented both in psychology and movement I was aware of prior, but I hadn’t been able to apply it to my daily life, I guess I wasn’t ready but am now. This has been a transformative, therapeutic and healing experience. Shilpa is an intuitive, understanding and knowledgeable teacher. I feel blessed to have taken my yoga teacher training in KL with her, when I searched courses in Toronto and Singapore and had the opportunity to take it anywhere in the world.

Elena Pilnikova

Graduate of Yogshakti’s 200 hour Teacher Training Course – October 2018

Now I understand how to ground myself. How to be home.

Before taking part in the course, I had been practising yoga for 5 years. Nevertheless, I I had a lot of questions. I kept asking myself, “I keep doing poses…but what’s next?”. But the most pressing, fundamental question in my head was about what yoga truly means.

I am grateful that I discovered the answers in Integrative Yoga. To me, it is like an intelligent way of how your body and mind move. The practice brought me to discover that I don’t even need to claim that I’m a yogi. Yoga is not about poses. It’s way much deeper.

Before discovering Integrative Yoga, I never understood how to ground myself. Now I understand how to be ‘home’ – how to be the source. It’s calming and amazing at the same time to know that I can access ‘home’ anytime. I’m definitely going to share this joyful gift with the people dear to me.

Arooj Yaseen from Pakistan

Graduate of Yogshakti’s 200 hour Teacher Training Course – October 2018

It transformed my thinking. Yoga is not just for the flexible. It’s for everyone.

Prior to joining the teacher training, I had been doing yoga for 2 years. Feeling that I’m quite flexible, I decided to search up for schools that are registered with Yoga Alliance. There is a short supply of these schools in my country. My search led me to contact Yogshakti in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Shilpa personally called me. She explained about Integrative Yoga, and that the centre also has a boarding facility. It turned out to be a perfect arrangement…not only she is a wonderful teacher, she took care of me like my own mother!

Yogshakti’s teacher training journey is amazing. It’s hard to explain it in words. It transformed my thinking. Yoga is not just for the flexible. It’s for everyone.

I am now back in my own country, excited to share the beauty of Integrative Yoga – a system of yoga that is for everyone. I want to help people accept themselves as who they are, and be heatlhier. Above all, I want them to discover the true joy in life, the joy that lies within themselves.

Angela Boyle

Participated in Teacher Training 2016

The Yogshakti Teacher Training has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. I have done plenty of courses on the mind, body and spirit before but they have just kept me more solidly up in my head, my ego, so that when I left the course I was fearful that I would forget what I learnt. This teacher training is the only course that I have experienced where the learning comes through my body. I am not learning anything new, I am just remembering what is inside me and doing so, it is impossible to forget. My connection to my Hara will change my life forever.
Thank you.

Emmanuelle Magnard

Participated in Teacher Training 2016

The Yogshakti teacher training has been an EXTRAordinary experience. The teaching flowed from one module to another so naturally, starting with breath and Hara centering and using those concepts all along in Scaravelli inspired yoga and Yin Yoga. Philosophy is not just one module at the end of the training, it is “distilled” all along very beautifully. The sharing session’s everyday were beautiful.

Scaravelli inspired yoga is for everyone, flexible or not, strong or not. It awakens intuition.You feel freedom in your spine, in your joints, in your body. Practice becomes a flow, so easy to implement on a daily basis.
When I practice I sometimes “touch” this state of meditation in movement and this brings me a lot of joy and peace. I experience true letting go and meditation in movement.

I thank Shilpa with all my heart for this precious gift.
Peace, Love, Light and Joy!

Lene Simonnes

Participated in Teacher Training 2015

This course is probably my best spent month so far. Thank you, Shilpa Ghatalia for creating such magical conditions for learning and realisation! The greatest gift I received was the reminder and experience, beyond the intellectual understanding, that I am already enough and that I am deeply and fundamentally connected to everyone and everything around me. If you are looking for the tools and confidence to fully own your own practice and/ or teach from a more authentic place, this course is for you. I feel truly privileged to be on the receiving end of Shilpa’s wisdom and mentorship as she is generously sharing the philosophy, the practice and the routines of the Yogshakti Integrative Yoga path. Bonuses include: An incredible boost in physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. You get to eat Marlene Sisone’s amazing food for a whole month. And you make connections and friendships that will last for a lifetime. I did. And for that I am grateful!

Boarding Students

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