Class Packages/Fee

Our packages allow you flexibility of attendance. We offer packages to encourage you to practice more regularly with validity ranging from 4 months to 2 months.

20 Sessions

RM 35
per session
  • RM700 Per package
  • Valid for 4 months

10 Sessions

RM 45
per session
  • RM450 Per package
  • Valid for 3 months

5 Sessions

RM 50
per session
  • RM250 Per package
  • Valid for 2 months

Drop In

RM 60
per session

Yoga Kids Classes

RM 40
per drop in
  • Unlimited KIDS package
  • RM120/ Month

*A registration fee of RM 50 applies for first time registration. All Class Passes and packages are subject to Yogshakti Purchase Policy

Payment Method

We accept:

•    Direct Debit
•    Credit cards (All major credit cards except AMEX)
•    Cheques (Made to YOGSHAKTI LIFE)

No transfer of packages or refunds.