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Maria Robinson

Integrative Yoga & Yin Yoga

Maria has always had a life long interest and passion for health and well being. Arriving in Kuala Lumpur in 2012 she finally returned to her yoga ‘mat’ after a break of several years. It was here that she was to meet her future mentor, Shilpa Ghatalia.

After completing several workshops and study into both yoga asana and philosophy, she finally took the Oplunge¹ and trained as an Integrative Yoga Teacher in early 2014 at Yogshakti with Shilpa. Although initially a journey of self exploration, she soon felt a calling to teach others to spread the word about this wonderful yoga methodology. Continuing to delve deeper she was inspired to take her Yin Yoga Teacher with Sebastian Pucelle and also a second Integrative Teaching course.

Maria now regularly teaches both Yin and Integrative Yoga around KL as well as weekly corporate Meditation classes and this summer began some teaching in the UK. She is currently registered with Yoga Alliance and recently has been delighted to assist Shilpa Ghatalia on her Teacher Training Programmes by delivering the Anatomy and Physiology Modules.

³I believe the practice of these time honoured asanas can truly enhance our physical and psychological well-being. With the benefits of pranayama we nurture our selves even further and a beautiful unity is created between mind, body and spirit which will stay with us for many years to come. ”