Our Testimonials

Maria Robinson

“We all have this shining light. Yoga should bring you to a place that reveals who you truly are”

Based on her life-changing yoga journey, Maria believes it is never too late to start yoga. Her passion is to help people to get to know their bodies, not just physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. Her classes are a mixture of a strong and deep practice, often using slow movement with the breath to enable students to move with ease at their own pace.

“Dynamic movements with rest and static pauses enables the prana, our life force, to build and circulate. In the restful moments we can look inwards deeply, to taste and feel the real essence of yoga. There is grace and beauty in stillness yet we live in a world where many of us do not rest the senses and our minds are troubled, bringing much anxiety. Yoga has the technology to help us release a little. It is an ‘experience’ that can change you in all levels of your life”.

Maria completed her 500 hour Teacher Training Course at Yogshakti, and is now a Registered Continuing Education Provider with the International Yoga Alliance. She also has qualifications in Yin yoga with meridian theory and in 2017 became a Registered Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Here she gained a deeper perspective into the power of Mantra and Meditation.

Maintaining a holistic approach to one’s lifestyle is something Maria highly regards. Having a life long interest in yoga, alternative medicine, homeopathy and nutrition, she also has a background in science, anatomy and counselling from many years in her nursing career. She has taught the Anatomy and Physiology module on Yogshakti’s 200 hour Teacher Training Courses in KL and others in Asia, where she has written two guide books.

“At this point in life I feel I have consolidated all my life skills and come full circle. Yoga continues to help guide and ground me and I remain ever grateful to my teachers for lighting that path: in particular Shilpa Ghatalia, Sebastian and Muriel Pucelle, Lesley Kaminoff and the Kundalini KRI Institute”. Maria is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Sally Duane

I tried out a class with Shilpa at Yogshakti on the recommendation of a friend over two years ago now and I’m still hooked!! I attend 3 classes a week and I have done two 21day courses and the Buteyko breathing course and I have to say it has turned my life around. The Centre is constantly evolving with new classes and courses on offer. Most of all it is a warm and loving enviroment, perfect for practicing Yoga!!

Mary Absolom Fernandez

Shilpa is an amazing person.. She is actually A ‘life coach’ using yoga .. She convinced me that yoga can help you to age gracefully.Her 21 day course was so inspiring. Would highly recommend to everyone. Try it and you will never be the same

Angela Boyle

For me its a feeling I get from the moment I walk into the studio. It is welcoming and peaceful and I am always glad that I have made time in my day to get there. I need to thank Shilpa and Rabab especially for the style of yoga that offers me a freedom and flexibility in my body that I never even knew I was capable of! The teachers are highly experienced and take their time to cater to people of all different skill levels. My practice in the room is changing my life outside the room so thank you!


Elda recently took part in our 14-day Course. Here, she shares her experience:
I started this journey with a bit of skepticism, and some fear, too. To me, Yoga had always been just a workout…I had never experienced meditation, either. With Shilpa and Yogshakti’s Integrative Yoga method, I started feeling some sensations in only a week into the course…my body and mindset were changing. I am so thankful for this.

I am looking forward to the 200 hours Teacher Training Course, to see what more practice and knowledge will bring. So happy that I took the chance to try something different, out of my comfort zone. Thank you, Shilpa! I feel blessed to have crossed your path!


Before arriving at Yogshakti, I used to explore many other yoga styles. I found that most of them were too intense for me. I used to think that maybe I wasn’t strong enough. But here, I always leave class feeling calm, yet energized. I really enjoy coming to this centre…this place is very peaceful. Shilpa’s teaching also helps me to meditate. My biggest challenge on meditation used to be the ‘busy’ mind, making it hard to sit still for a long time. Through the Integrative Yoga practice, I am able to sit quietly and comfortably for a long time without needing to come out of the pose. My mind feels very calm and still. Shilpa teaches us a lot about philosophy, and it helps me tremendously in the daily life. Her teaching has guided me to find inner peace. I know that I have the awareness in me now. I can keep reminding myself to ground and come back ‘home’. I am looking forward to deepen my practice with the 200 hours Teacher Training Course this coming May.

Beveryly Friedlos

“Classes at Yogshakti are not only intense but also fun and the camaraderie amongst the students is truly amazing. It has been excellent for extending my knowledge and practise of yoga. I have particularly enjoyed the breathing aspect as well as understanding the art of meditation which I have wanted to do for some time now. I also have a better understanding of the philosophy of yoga and how it affects our bodies. I hope I can find a class in Melbourne as great as yours.“

Akiko K

“I started classes at Yogshakti 10 months ago. I’m amazed at how much my weak body has been transformed. I lost 5-6 kilogrammes, reduced my cholesterol level to about 40 points and have regular morning bowel movements. My severe backache has completely disappeared. I feel calm, gentle and comfortable. Yoga has given me a healthy body and joyful living. It has totally revived me.“

Angie Robinson

“Anyone who is concerned with their mental, spiritual and physical well-being should attend Shilpa’s classes. I have found her instructions to be very clear and easy to follow. She has lots of respect for her students and does her best to give each student personal attention. She is truly dedicated to helping her students achieve total well-being through her compassion. I’ve learnt so much about how the yoga poses and breathing works in helping us achieve total well-being from her. The classes are flexible – students decide which and how many classes to sign up for without any pressure. Those who are working or need to travel will find her schedule flexible and timing of classes so convenient.”

Lyana Cheong

“The benefits I gained from Shipa’s classes extended way beyond just yoga. It has had a substantial impact on the way I approach all my yoga classes. I now stand straighter and have more confidence as a result of my improved postural alignment. I have thoroughly enjoyed her classes, feeling healthier after each one! Thanks Shilpa for showing me the correct way to enjoy yoga!“

Yee Leng

“I was immediately attracted to Yogshakti’s calm vibration the first time I stepped in the centre. Love was always invoked in all their classes which often brought about a higher state of well-being and consciousness. It is so rewarding to know that we are able to share this joy and love with others, to make positive changes that ripple out to the world. Yoga is now the main source of daily inspiration in my journey towards self-realisation.“


“I am happy to say that I found the practice of breathing and meditation very rewarding. It really evoked powerful sensations. Again I owe my utmost gratitude to you Shilpa for being such a wonderful and patient teacher, enabling me to integrate yoga into my life instead of just experiencing it as a classroom session once or twice a week. It’s a wonderful feeling…Thank you…“

Eri Takatsu

“These last 2 months have been the most precious in my life. It was the deepest yoga training I have ever had. I had heard that one could heal illness and injury through yoga and it was certainly true for me! I have regained my vigour. At the beginning of the course, I did not imagine that I could do the shoulder stand for 15 minutes or the wheel pose and the forearm stand. Last but not least, I never imagined I could stand on my yoga mat and practise every single day in the early morning.“

Shakira Zain

“I have become much more positive and learned to let go of resentment. I am more patient with my children and myself and seem to have developed this uncanny ability to detach and watch life from a distance.“