Workshops & Events


A Journey Through the Chakras

5th to 25th May 2020

Chakras are the “lungs” of the subtle energy body that contain vital information affecting us on: Physical, Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual levels. Our habit patterns, thoughts, emotions, physical and spiritual well-being are determined by the programming contained in these energy centers.

Online Breath Workshop

(Adult) 6 & 7 June 2020 | 13 & 14 June 2020 & (Children) 20 June 2020
(Children) 20 June 2020

This online breath workshop will demystify the techniques of proper breathing discovered through the ancient yogic perspective as well as the modern Buteyko Method.

200 Hrs Teacher Training

(Full Time) 6th July to 18th August 2020

Encourages personal growth in your quest to teach or deepen self practice. You will learn how to awaken your inner ‘teacher’, find power, balance, creativity and strength.

14 Day Yoga Challenge

29 June – 19 July 2020 AND 29 Sept – 19 Oct 2020

We will cover 12 minutes self-practice routines which address key areas such as core and back strength, hip opening, breathing, and meditation, which you will be able to incorporate into your self-practice at home after the course.

300 Hrs Teacher Training

3rd – 26th Mar 2020 OR 3rd – 26th Sep 2020

Our 300 hours Integrative Yoga, Registered Yoga Teacher training (RYT) program will empower you to teach and practice a style of Yoga that is unique, holistic and transformational.

21 Day Course

29 June – 19 July & 29 Sept – 19 Oct 2020

The 21 Day Course is specially suited for beginners who wish to study Yoga systematically. It will give you the confidence to undertake self practice and make Yoga a part of your daily life. It is said-practice something for 21 days and it becomes a habit.

More Workshops

The Art of Restful Sleep

Sleep is an important pillar of health. Learn a variety of simple protocols and practices conducive for restful sleep.

The Art of Healthful Cooking

You are what you eat. Cooking demonstrations and recipes for a convenient, tasteful and wholesome diet.

The Art of Stilling the Mind

Learn basic meditation techniques and how to establish conditions conducive for meditation through posture, asana, breath work and more.