The 21 Day Course is specially suited for beginners who wish to study Yoga systematically. It will give you the confidence to undertake self practice and make Yoga a part of your daily life. It is said-practice something for 21 days and it becomes a habit.

21 Day Course in New York

Our 21 Day Course is based on a unique and comprehensive system of yoga known as Integrative Yoga, developed over a period of 27 years by experienced yoga practitioner Shilpa Ghatalia. The aim of the course is to enable you to begin self practice and make Yoga a part of your daily life, regardless of your current yoga abilities. It is said, practice something for 21 days and it will become a habit.

The course is structured to help you practice Yoga in all its facets, from physical postures and breathing techniques, to daily inner and outer cleansing and detox practices. Helping you to achieve mindfulness, meditation and deep relaxation. Our 21 Day Integrative Yoga Courses have been running for the last 8 years, as we have seen powerful results when students commit to doing it as a course vs. attending regular classes.

How is the 21 Day course different from regular classes?

To get the greatest benefit from yoga, one has to practice it as a way of life. By attending regular classes you will see benefits, but it may not give you the motivation or confidence to undertake self practice. With the 21 day course you will be undertaking the practice with focus and commitment and thus see greater progress. You will study it systematically, methodically and through step-by-step guidance deepen your understanding of it. This will give you the motivation to begin self practice and make Yoga a way of life.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for all students- beginners and experienced students who wish to undertake an all-inclusive, comprehensive practice of yoga. No previous experience of yoga is required as the course is especially structured for beginners and practitioners of all levels looking to incorporate yoga into their daily lives.

Benefits of attending the 21-Day Course

•  Small, same group setting
•  Personal attention
•  Step-by-Step guidance to self-transformation
•  The confidence and discipline to cultivate self- practice at home
•  Integrating Yogic principles into one’s daily life and activities
•  Flexibility of attendance for those who opt for weekends only.*
•  For those aspiring to be Teachers in the future this course will provide 20 hours credit towards the 200 hour teacher training program

Cleansing Techniques or Kriyas

Yoga provides some of the most powerful tools for cleansing and detoxification. We will teach you Kriyas for inner cleansing and strengthening of digestive organs and outer cleansing practices such as nasal wash, dry skin brushing and oil pulling.


8th – 28th March 2018


5:45 am – 7:45 am


9:00 am-11:00 am


Westchester, New York


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Participated in Yogshakti’s course in 2017

21 Day Course October 2017 Group

Koh San Tee

“Not only have I returned to my pre-pregnancy shape, I’ve gained valuable insights on the way I stand, walk, and sit to the way I breathe. The asanas helped me release tension from the body and calm the mind. I’m happier and able to handle tough situations with more ease and grace. Once inspired by the Scaravelli approach to yoga, one just cannot get enough of it. I find myself practicing back bend in my office, while waiting for the lift and in the lift! Yoga poses I never dreamt of are now ‘happening’ for me.”

Eri Takatsu

“These last 2 months have been the most precious in my life. It was the deepest yoga training I have ever had. I had heard that one could heal illness and injury through yoga and it was certainly true for me! I have regained my vigour. At the beginning of the course, I did not imagine that I could do the shoulder stand for 15 minutes or the wheel pose and the forearm stand. Last but not least, I never imagined I could stand on my yoga mat andpractise every single day in the early morning.”

Olivier Di Tullio

“The 21-day yoga course has given me so much more than just physical health. I have learned so much through this one course that I feel I can independently practise on my own. I have experienced bliss and feel fearless. I will definitely recommend this 21-day course to as many people as possible. It is most enlightening.”

Shakirah Zain

Thank you for teaching me about that lovely cave in the centre of my being. I’m able to retreat into its silence and peace, and try to detach from the craziness of the world whenever I need it.

Hasnan Hakim

“My practice has evolved into a sequence of its own. But the one you taught many years ago is still a part of it. I do a comprehensive routine and going deeper recently I achieved the unsupported shoulder stand. This is a good course for those who would like to build a home practise. I definitely recommend it.”

Catherine Jones

“Practicing yoga with the “spine awakening” technique has been the biggest detoxification I have ever experienced. After only the first few sessions, I felt decades of tension, emotion, anger, pain, guilt, etc., being release from my spine.”

Alicia Horsley

“I have always craved the inner peace and calm energy which comes from yoga. Previously because I did only Vinyasa, the state of well-being lasted just a day or so. Doing the 21-day course has given me the ability to practise at home daily without a teacher. The Scaravelli inspired approach coupled with Shilpa’s attention to detail has resulted in massively improved pose and subsequently enhanced breathing, health and energy levels. I have refined my technique and experienced a great deal of spiritual growth.”

Marie Do

“This course has helped me find and connect to that internal resource which is always there and available, no matter what. I feel more peaceful and balanced throughout the whole day. I love the Pranayama and have made it a part of my daily routine; what a difference it makes before meditation!Since then, I have had very special moments of feeling absolutely still and centred, so much at peace…”

Sandrine Bruneau

“The 21-day course went beyond my expectations, and it is hard to find the words to explain the magic and beauty of my experience. I discovered yoga like never before, and I know it is only the beginning of a new journey. I now feel lighter and more at peace, approach life with much more clarity and awareness of thought, emotions, and bodily sensations. I feel more alive, joyful and keep recommending the course to people.”

Dayle Abraham

“The Vanda Scaravelli method has completely changed my home practice. The course has also taught me an effective method for daily cleansing. The philosophy offered in class enabled me to take my practice off the mat into daily life. You have had a profound influence on my yoga path.“

Hanani Zain

“I’m addicted to doing the self-practice now. Even when I don’t have time in the morning, I squeeze in 10 minutes between daily tasks to do isolated sequences. I feel more ‘graceful’ and generally refreshed and alive. The stiff shoulder and neck I’ve been suffering from is almost completely gone. I’m so thrilled about this!“

Rathi Nair

“The 21 day course has indeed been a fabulous introduction to the Traditional Yoga that I have been looking for. Working with the spine and correcting the pelvis positioning has slowly started becoming habit, thanks to this course. The really effective Kriyas and Routine taught in this course has indeed instilled in me the habit of practicing yoga daily! Hope to continue with this and benefit from it for the rest of my life!!“

Hamish Chartres

“Today was a great day for me. Felt really ‘present’ for most of the session. I’m slowly learning the routines and having to look around at others less. Looking around less also stops me competing with others and pushing myself further than I am currently capable. I feel so much energy in the room when everyone is doing the humming and today we were so in sync that it sounded like a professional recording. I still get interrupted by my thinking mind all the time, but have a better understanding of what I need to do to bring myself back to the present. My focus on my breathing has increased and there were two memorable things today. I was focusing on breathing lite and all of a sudden a work thought entered my head and my breathing went haywire, but was quickly able to return to my lite breathing. During the pigeon pose, with each exhalation, I sank further into the pose which was a wonderful feeling. Over the years I have ‘trialled’ a number of yoga teachers, but as you all know, Shilpa is amazing and we are so lucky to have her. After class Shilpa always takes the time to talk with us and took she took more than ten minutes helping me with a pose I was having difficulty with. Thank you. I can understand why so many are returning students. Following this great start to the day I then went and did a day of maintenance at a children’s shelter in Bangsar instead of going to work. Was a blissful day.”

Lisa Lee

“When friends and family asked me about what I did in this 21-day course and Buteyko breathing workshops, I told them – “it feels like going through discovery channel with me in it”. I felt so empowered after the course and workshop which have taken me on this great journey of discovery. They are so powerful, no words can describe it. Only my internal experience is the testimonial. I thank you and everyone at the workshop for the beautiful energy. Although I started yoga 5 years ago, it felt like I was learning it for the first time and discovering my body for the first time. Each day I look forward to discover myself more and more.“

Junko Harada

“I have learned a lot in your meditation class despite being born in Japan and having been surrounded by daily spiritual practices based on our tradition. If I hadn’t taken this course I wouldn’t have realised that those tiny daily practices were the ones which make me meditate. I can’t express how much I appreciate this great experience with you. It’s also easier for me to let go of regrets. I even sit and walk properly and gracefully and able to meditate for longer. The many important messages from you will make the rest of my life happier and much brighter!“

Anne Deguerry Viala

“When I began Yoga at Yogshakti Studio with the 21 days course, I felt I was at the right place, with philosophy of yoga that was matching a real quest and not just a physical/fitness activity.

This inspired me to join the Yoga Teacher Training Course in Sept 2015. What I found in this course is beyond what I can write as a testimony.

I found lightness in my body and a quality of awareness/mindfulness that arose in my mind. It was the perfect combination which helped me view my life with new perspective that was both liberating and joyous!

The Teacher Training Course covers many interesting facets of yoga. From Scaravelli’s freedom of the spine, Yin Yoga, Philosophy, Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, Meditation. The course enabled me to become well grounded in the fundamentals to the extent that I am now able to feel, experiment and build my own practice. Integrative yoga is not dogmatic, it is evolutive.

I am truly grateful for the experience as it has helped me to deepen my understanding like never before. “

Self-Practice Routines

Our 12 minute practice routines which address key areas such as core and back strength, hip opening, breathing and meditation, will be supported with notes to enable you to begin self practice at home after the course.