14 Practice sessions with Shilpa

Continuing Education Program for Teachers

As part of the requirements of a Registered Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance it is important that you continually study, improve your practice and teaching skills. In addition to learning new material, this course will reinforce the knowledge gained during the training.

Through attending the 14 Day Refresher, you will receive 28 hours credits for Continuing Education which you can login upon completion of the course on the Yoga Alliance website

Who should attend:
Those who have completed a minimum of 200 Hours Teacher Training. We also encourage those who have completed 300 hours training to attend this refresher course.

Course Credits Towards Continuing Education Program
Upon completion of the course teachers will be given course credits towards Continuing Education Program.

Eligibility for Continuing Education
Yogshakti is certified by Yoga Alliance to provide Teacher Training (RYS200) and (RYS300) and Continual Education (YACEP). Full attendance of all sessions counts for 28 Continuing Education Contact Hours under the Teaching Methodology category.

Day to Day Content of the 14 Day Teacher Refresher Course

23 Nov 2018Integrative Yoga Principles and fundamentals of posture
24 Nov 2018Introducing Breath Work to beginners and incorporating special breathing techniques
into your sessions to lead students into stillness
25 Nov 2018Using Pranayama and Kriyas in Asan
26 Nov 2018Mudras and bandhas in Integrative Yoga
27 Nov 2018Hip Opening with emphasis on Forward bends & Twists
28 Nov 2018Backbends – Preliminaries, Cautions, Working with special conditions
29 Nov 2018Inversions – Safety, preliminaries, preparation and working with special conditions
30 Nov 2018Incorporating Qi Gong sequences into your classes
1 Dec 2018Leading a class with Meditation as the focus
2 Dec 2018Working with Chakras and Sound Meditation
3 Dec 2018Asana Sequences to awaken chakras
4 Dec 2018Leading a class with Yoga Nidra as the focus
5 Dec 2018Introducing Meridians into your classe
6 Dec 2018Working with Pregnancy, Galucoma, Hernia & High Blood Pressure

Continuing Education

After the 200 Hours Foundation Level training you continue your learning through practical teaching experience, self practice and study and further training.For teachers to maintain registration with Yoga Alliance, they must keep current with Continuing Education.

Yogshakti is a certified provider of Continuing Education (YACEP) and offer regular courses and events against which you can log your Contact Hour requirements. Our upcoming Continuing Education courses include The Science of Pranayama, Teaching Kriyas,Bandhas & Mudras and Guiding Meditation & Yoga Nidra Sessions.