Continuing Education

After the 200 Hours Foundation Level training you continue your learning through practical teaching experience, self practice and study and further training.For teachers to maintain registration with Yoga Alliance, they must keep current with Continuing Education.

Yogshakti is a certified provider of Continuing Education (YACEP) and offer regular courses and events against which you can log your Contact Hour requirements. Our upcoming Continuing Education courses include The Science of Pranayama, Teaching Kriyas,Bandhas & Mudras and Guiding Meditation & Yoga Nidra Sessions.

Teacher Series

Conducting Meditation and Yoga Nidra Sessions
Leading students into the deeper practices of Meditation and Yoga Nidra require that the teacher herself/himself is able to enter the state of silence at will. You will learn how cultivating presence yourself will enable your students to experience their own presence. You will understand the importance of voice intonation to induce a state of relaxation. You will learn how to leverage specific Pranayama practices and Asanas and apply an effective language and the philosophy behind the practices, to create an atmosphere conducive to Meditation and Yoga Nidra.

The Science of Pranayama
Pranayama is a subtle science that requires both experiential knowledge and intellectual understanding in order to skillfully lead your students into the depths of stillness that is Yoga. Based on Eastern Wisdom of the Yogis and Western Science, this session will teach you the science behind Pranayama, including the physiology and biochemistry of breathing and the psychospiritual implications of pranayama. You will understand how each Pranayama affects the body/mind and be able to apply this to your classes. Shilpa will share her knowledge and experience of both Pranayama and the Russian Buteyko method.

Teaching Pranayama, Bandhas and Kriyas
This session will enhance your abilities to teach the fundamentals of diaphragmatic breathing, introduce vital Pranayama practices into your classes, utilise the 3 categories of Pranayama, use Pranayama for centering, Meditation and Yoga Nidra, use specific Pranayama, Kriyas, Bandhas and Mudras to deepen Asana practice, use breathing props and teach and modify Pranayama for specific health issues.

Eligibility for Continuing Education
Yogshakti is certified by Yoga Alliance to provide Teacher Training (RYS200) and Continual Education (YACEP). Full attendance of all sessions counts for 9 Continuing Education Contact Hours under the Teaching Methodology category. A Certificate of Completion will be issued to those eligible after the course.