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Chandanna Denzayll

Born in South Africa, Chandanna started practicing Meditation and Yoga at the age of 19, with the Sivananda School of Yoga and later with her life-long mentor, Yogacharya Rollo Goldfoot.

In 1999, Chandanna moved to Dubai, where she practiced Bikram regularly and met Himalayan Master, Bharat Thakur, the Founder of Artistic Yoga. He and his Teachers continue to motivate her to devote herself to the study and practice of Yoga. She is dedicated to Mindful Living through Advaita, and constantly inspired by the works of the Mystic, Dr. David R. Hawkins.

Together with her husband Jack, she retired to Malaysia in 2012. She felt a calling to serve her local community, and on a silent retreat and Laughter Yoga Teacher Training in January 2014 she discovered the ideal vehicle for sharing loving-kindness and ‘joyful living’ practices with others.

As a means to evolve and deepen her practice, Chandanna completed a 200 Hour Mindful Hatha Yoga MBSR Teacher Certification, facilitated by Kathy Ward, at The Mindfulness Academy in Spain, in March 2015. Subsequently, in January 2016 she attended a Teacher Training with Murielle and Sebastian Pucelle of With-Yin Yoga. Chandanna is also grateful to have benefitted from the teaching skills of other visiting Yogis: Philipp Ernst Lemke, Simon Low, Melissa Smith, and local studio owners: Chris Teoh and Philippe Kerelle.

Her years of experience dealing with the pressures of the business world, have equipped her to give effective stress management and team building workshops to companies, and a great deal of her fulfillment comes from charitable work; facilitating free Laughter Wellness sessions around Kuala Lumpur, and working with Special Needs Support Groups.

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