Emma Jory

Emma is a 200Hr Certified Integrative Yoga Instructor. She has over 14 years teaching experience and certifications in Pilates, Barre, Personal Training, Fascia Release Techniques and Rehabilitation. She specialises and is certified in Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga (85hr) and Pre & Post Natal Pilates by the Centre for Womens Health.

Emma is a trainer and mentor of instructors and business owner, previously of Emergy Pilates Lounge, Sydney Australia, which she sold to move to Malaysia, and currently ePilates Online.

She has practiced various styles of yoga for many years, and felt like she had come home when she found Integrative Yoga. Emma has a strong passion for philosophy which she studied many years ago, and was delighted to have that door opened again by Shilpa. She likes to infuse this into her classes, leaving you feeling more aware and connected to your body, the present moment and your true nature.

Emma teaches the classic Integrative Yoga Hatha class at Yogshakti, which incorporates asanas, meditation, mindfulness and Qi Gong. Her classes give a feeling of lightness in the body, yet are challenging, with a key focus on breath and connecting the Hara, our vital centre. You will feel both energised and relaxed at the end of your class.

Emma has experienced first hand the benefits of Yoga and meditation to help with anxiety, focusing the mind, reducing discomfort in the body and also loving oneself more.

Emma is a life long learner and continues to study with Shilpa and her various other mentors. She believes the combination of Yoga and Pilates is a great balance, creating a strong yet supple body.

Join Emma on Wednesday mornings at 9.30am, she can’t wait to meet you!