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Emmanuelle started integrative yoga with Shilpa Ghatalia in Yogshakti upon her arrival to Kuala Lumpur in 2014. She was seeking a mind-body work-out, in an effort to better balance her personal and professional life.

Yoga helped her taking a step back and turned out to be a life-changing experience…

After taking several 21-day courses and practicing every single morning before going to work, she took a sabbatical year to dedicate her time to deepening her yoga experience. She attended the Yogshakti’s Integrative Teacher Training Course and completed her Yoga Alliance RYT200 in May 2016.

She loves practicing and teaching integrative yoga which combines spine-centered practice inspired by Vanda Scaravelli and Yin Yoga.

“Integrative yoga is for everyone, flexible or not, strong or not. It awakens intuition. You feel freedom in your spine, in your joints, in your body. Practice becomes a flow, so easy to implement on a daily basis.

When I practice I sometimes reach this state of meditation in movement and this brings me a lot of joy and peace. I experience true letting go.

Emmanuelle has recently attended a “dancing spine” workshop with Paddy Mcgrath and also wishes to further explore Yin yoga which completes her predominantly “Yang” body and mind. Her upcoming challenge is to share her yoga adventure with the corporate world which she believes strongly needs it!

Her yoga journey is only beginning…

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