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Ingrid Richer

A wide range of physical exercises have always been an important part of Ingrid’s life since young, as well as learning about alternative therapies for health. She became certified in Acupressure in 1985 to be able to help her daughter heal from a severe illness. Since then, her interest continued to grow and she followed up with Shiatsu and Qigong healing.

In 2007, Ingrid was struck by a Spondylitis arthritis that aggravated over time. After three years of suffering and not being able to move, she found help with Qigong healing and two years later she could practice Yoga again. In 2015 she completed her Yogshakti 200hrs teacher training and expended further with a 50hrs training in Restorative Yoga with Melissa Smith. Since then she has experienced huge improvement with her arthritis healing and as the result of her own experience, she now wishes to be of help to others.

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