Kari Fike

Kari’s love and journey with yoga began in 2000, when she and her husband left the US with a new baby and moved to Singapore as first time expats. As a new mom in a foreign country, Yoga became her life line for becoming more grounded in a fast-paced lifestyle that required she and her family to move frequently to exciting cities around the world. She completed her 200 hour Teacher Training in HATHA yoga in Tokyo with ISHTA yoga in 2010. She has taught in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Istanbul and the U.S. Kari continued to expand her knowledge getting certified in EFT with a focus on energy medicine and mindfulness. In 2016 she completed a 35 hour restorative yoga with Melissa Smith and began integrating all these practices into her classes. In 2017, after being introduced to Shilpa and Integrative Yoga, an absolute transformation occurred and she has never looked back. This was the practice she had been searching for; the philosophy, approach and practice that was the true fit. “It was a life-changing experience that opened my mind and gave me purpose” says Kari. The experience has resulted in a luminous and powerful change for Kari. She no longer suffers from anxiety, worries or doubt about the future, but instead trusts in life and flows with all that is. She completed her 300 hour teacher training in Integrative Yoga in September 2018 at Yogshakti.

Kari is intensely passionate about Yoga as a way of life. In her classes she loves sharing this life changing philosophy and focuses on helping students to relax, open and go deep within, finding that quiet space, to simply breathe and just BE. She believes wholeheartedly in the concepts and practice of Integrative Yoga and finds it to be the ideal practice to incorporate all that she learned over the last 18 years to live mindfully and be in the present moment—practicing yoga as a moving meditation.