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Maria Robinson

Integrative Yoga & Yin Yoga

4 years on from her move to KL, Maria feels she has finally consolidated all her life skills and come full circle. Having had a life long interest in yoga, alternative medicine, homeopathy and nutrition Maria took a trip to the ‘allopathic side’ in 2003 where she took a BSc in Nursing. “I loved every minute of my nursing and am ever grateful for the skills of observation that it taught me”.

In 2013 she arrived in KL and began to take regular classes at Yogshakti. In 2014 she took the first Yoga Teacher Training held there under the guidance of Shilpa Ghatalia, Paddy McGrath and Sebastian Pucelle. She has since taken another Yoga Teacher Training with Shilpa Ghatalia and has now been teaching Integrative Yoga, Meditation, prenatal and Yin yoga at Yogshakti and around  KL for over 3 years. Maria assists Shilpa on the Yogshakti Teacher Training Course with the Anatomy and Physiology module and recently published two informative guides for the newly qualified Yoga Teacher.

For the last two years Maria has specialised in teaching Yin at Yogshakti, and holds 100 hours in Advanced Yin with Meridians theory and the Elements under Sebastian Pucelle and really enjoys sharing the wonderful knowledge around the practice of Yin with her students.  “In Yin practice although we challenge our bodies to stretch, we also let go and in those quiet moments we sit with our breath. Yin is so beneficial for calming down all that internal chatter in our head as well as improving the flexibility of our joints” .Maria hopes her classes will give an ‘experience’. “The philosophy that yoga is so much more than just the physical asana was passed to me initially from my dear mentor Shilpa and i have sought to incorporate this into my own teaching. I hope that in my classes you might learn about your body in a holistic manner. Yoga has the capacity to change you! It certainly changed me!!”.

2017 has been a busy year of training for Maria as she also recently qualified as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher with the KRI institute and she is hoping to bring a flavour of this special practice to Yogshakti early this year.

Maria is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Join Maria every Thursdays at 9:30am for Integrative Yoga.