Breath Workshop

Online & In-Person

The recent pandemic has shown us all the importance of breathing & the health of our lungs.
Sat April 2nd & Sun April 3rd, 2022
This workshop will include yogic pranayama and the Buteyko breathing method to:

1) Strengthen your Immune System
2) Improve Respiratory Function
3) Build Stamina and Endurance
4) Improve mental and emotional health
5) Balance your Nervous system

Course Highlights:

•  Yogic Pranayama
•  Breath Holding
•  Yoga asana sequences with pranayama and breath holding

Equipped with techniques offered in this breathing workshop, you will experience:

•  elimination of asthma and allergic symptoms
•  improved sleep patterns and cessation of snoring
•  greater mental clarity and improved concentration
•  increased energy and stamina
•  improved functioning of the digestive and metabolic systems
•  reduction in anxiety and other stress-related symptoms
•  and more general improvements to overall well-being!

A Take-Home Breath manual will be provided. For those doing the course via online a soft copy of the manual will be provided.