Laughter Yoga Teacher Training

Laughter Yoga is a process that enables people to laugh even if they don’t feel like it. It’s an aerobic exercise program that anyone can do anytime and anywhere. Created by a Medical Doctor in Mumbai India in 1995, it combines laughter exercises with pranayama breathing techniques.

To receive the health benefits the laughter must be from the belly, sustained for a period of 15 to 30 minutes, and without jokes or humor. It is a body mind process that enhances overall health.

Day 1 Basic Training
The Basic Learning Course is a 1-day experiential workshop in which you gain basic knowledge about Laughter Yoga and how it works and experience a Laughter Yoga session as well as Laughter Meditation. You learn how to laugh all by yourself, without comedy, humor, or jokes, and gain practical ideas to bring more laughter and joy into your life.

Days 1 and 2 Certified Leader Training
To lead a community-based social laughter club, or to run laughter sessions for your school or workplace, you need to do the 2-day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader program. Importantly, you will acquire facilitation skills to enable you to competently and confidently lead a group of people in laughter exercises and laughter meditation.

Day 3 Advanced Training
This training is for people who would like to take Laughter Yoga to different groups, especially at a commercial level. You will learn different techniques and programs, as well as gain documentation for 1 to 1 coaching, business programs, customer surveys, research studies, and PR Releases. You will also learn the 7 areas of Holistic Health model and program.

Days 4 and 5 Business Training
This training enables you to be equipped and confident to present Laughter Yoga (or other services) to Conferences and businesses, where substantial income can be received. Participants will create a Killer BIO, learn how to professionally present to different groups, create a marketing plan, along with a Business Plan, that determines the types and costs of programs.

Days 1 to 5 Certified Teacher Training
After completing this training you will be authorized to train Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders, start more Laughter Clubs, and add more laughter to your life. You will also be trained to conduct seminars, workshops, and classes, in areas such as business, hospitals, aged care facilities, and schools. You will also learn the skills to market and plan your own business.

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6th Apr 2017
Day 1 Basic Training

6th & 7th Apr 2017
Days 1 & 2 Certified Leader Training

8th Apr 2017
Day 3 Advanced Training

9th & 10th Apr 2017
Days 4 & 5 Business Training

6 – 10th Apr 2017
Days 1 to 5 Certified Teacher Training



Days 1 – 5
9:30am to 4:30pm



1 Day Basic Training: RM595
2 Day Certified Leader Training: RM1195
1 Day Advanced Training: RM595
2 Day Business Training: RM1195
5 Day Certified Leader Training: RM2395