The Spine Work Play shop with Paddy Mcgrath

A chance to develop a deeper and subtler understanding of the spine and how to stay natural and healing in all postures especially playing with Backbends.

Open to all students with some experience, this workshop will be especially beneficial for teachers as we will in the afternoon sessions work also in partners and concentrate on adjusting and directing poses from the facia and other dancing spine yoga principles that make a huge difference. It is also equally beneficial for students who just want to improve and develop their own skills.

This practice can awaken the fullest potential of the spine. Paddy Mcgrath (www.yogapaddy.com/)
will share with us Spinal Eclectic Yoga, which is truly the “Dance of the Spine”. Inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaraveli (author of Awakening the Spine) and master teacher Diane Long (www.dianelongyoga.com) Paddy brings years of experience and dedicated practice from her on -going research with masters of natural movement and martial arts; outside the genre of yoga, but deeply inside the spirit of yoga.

You may also book a private afternoon session with Paddy while she is here. Please enquire and make reservations via hello@yogshakti.com.


Monday 21st to Friday 25th Oct 2019



6:30am to 8:30am


1:00pm to 3:00pm



RM 150 (1 session)
RM 780 (6 sessions)
RM 1,100 (10 sessions)
As spaces are limited, we recommend you register by or before the 15th Oct 2019

About Paddy Mcgrath

Paddy discovered yoga in 1990 at the age of 29. Her initial training in Yoga was with Yogacharya Venkesth of Mysore (backbend master ) but she also studied with other senior teachers in Iyengar and Astanga vinyasa both in India and Australia. In 1995 she became a certified Iyengar teacher. In 1997 she began seeking for other masters of different styles and teaching yoga. Her passion in yoga or quest put her in contact with many interesting and well known yogis such as Angela Framer and Victor Van Kooten (Greece ) John Stirk (UK). In 2005, she met her main source of mastery and inspiration Diane Long (www. dianelongyoga.com ) Diane had worked closely with Vanda Scaravelli for twenty four years.

Diane’s influence and Scaravelli approach led to Paddy’s quest and passion now becoming more about moving from the spine, and finding freedom in the spine, especially in the context of practicing yoga.

More recently Paddy has begun to make trips to Japan to study with Martial art masters and other masters of gravity and efficient movement. Paddy brings all this and her unwavering years of personal practice to help students find their own individual way to a real spinal freedom unfettered by styles or dogma.
Paddy is now based in Chiang Mai Thailand and teaches workshops and retreats and TTC course modules in Thailand, Australia, Cambodia , Malaysia and every summer in Europe.

www.yogapaddy.com www.dancingspineyoga.wordpress.com

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