Yogshakti’s On-Line (Live Streaming) 21 Day Yoga Course

Now more than at any other time each of us understand how vital it is to be self -sufficient in maintaining our physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual health.

Yogshakti’s 21-day course began 15 years ago to empower students to begin self- practice at home. We continue to offer this till today with great success. Given our current circumstances and with new advances in technology you can access this course via Live Streaming in the comfort of your home.

The course is suitable for students of all levels. Each session will take you from the fundamentals of Yoga to intermediate practices through Yogshakti’s Integrative Yoga sequences.

This course will cover:
• Asana Fundamentals
• Asana Sequences customized to your personal needs
• Short Asana sequences leading to meditation both for morning and evening
• Kriyas/ Cleansing practices
• Breathing practices
• Meditation

Upon completion of the course you will have the confidence to undertake self-practice.

All you need after the course is a space in your home for a Yoga mat and an allocation of one hour a day for practice. The course promises to get you addicted to the practice and then you will wonder how you lived without it all these years!

For more information on the course pls visit: https://yogshakti.com/workshops_events/21-day-course/