Deep within lies a real and everlasting joy. A human being is born to dive deep into the stream of life, find hidden treasure and attain eternal fulfillment.

~ Srimad Bhagavatam

Integrative Yoga

Integrative Yoga is best described as ‘meditation in movement’: the fluidity, softness and natural yielding it encourages leads to lightness of body and stillness of mind.

Based on the revolutionary spine centered practice inspired by Vanda Scaraveli*, it will teach you how to free the spine and find ease, fluidity and depth in your movement. Your flexibility and back-bending ability will grow as you awaken the fullest potential of your spine. You will learn how to strengthen your core and work with the energetic body through the breath.

A “Philosophy in Form”, it harmonises the body, breath, mind, emotions and intellect through its integration with Yin Yoga, Breathing practices, Yogic Kriyas**, Mindfulness, Meditation, Deep Relaxation and Philosophy.

At its core are the wisdom teachings of some of the foremost masters of Yoga and Meditation such as the:

•  Scaravelli Inspired Yoga teaches us how to move from the spine with fluidity ease and lightness. When one’s body is aligned with gravity, the breath naturally flows along the spine like a wave, awakening and elongating the spine.
•  Yin Yoga teaches us how to surrender and yield to the vast intelligence within. It enhances flexibility, joint mobility and circulation of chi/life force around the body.
•  Yogic Kriyas & Pranayama helps to cleanse, energize, enliven the body and bring clarity to the mind
•  Mindfulness & Meditation empowers us to cultivate equanimity, mental clarity, emotional intelligence and the ability to relate to others and ourselves with kindness, acceptance and compassion.
•  Yoga Nidra is the experience of a deep state of relaxation which is healing and restorative and in which one is freed of deep rooted tensions in the gross & subtle body
•  Qi gong develops internal heat and concentration and helps to ground and center us.In Integrative yoga you are taught to move from inside out. When your practice comes from a place deep within you, you will experience a kind of bliss that permeates every cell of your body.
•  Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Advaita Vedanta Philosophy
•  Ayurveda and the Yogic Diet

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about helping you find your inherent power and uncover your dormant potential. The core principle of Integrative Yoga is that of cultivating awareness in everyday life. We believe that meditation is not separate from the physical asana practice or from life itself. Our practices will instil in you clarity of mind, peace and contentment. It will enhance the quality of whatever you do and imbue it with renewed freshness.

We approach Yoga holistically through our classes and workshops which are designed for you to appreciate all facets of health and well-being- physical alignment in postures, diet, sleep, breathing, deep relaxation, cleansing practices, mindfulness and meditation.

*Vanda Scaravelli: author of the book-“Awakening the Spine”
** Kriyas are special internal cleansing practices