An Exploration into Pathways of Silence

An Online Course

In this course we will work with ways to the cultivation of inner silence. Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and Meditation, will be the means to this.

Topics we will cover are:
•  Taoist Practice of Shoshuten
•  Qi Gong: Tapping into the subtle energy of the Hara
•  Pranayama and awakening Sushumna
•  Breath Holding in Asana and its effect on stilling the mind
•  Yoga Nidra
•  Meditation

This course is suitable to experienced yoga practitioners and Yoga teachers who are interested in deepening meditation.

*Continuing Education Credits for Yoga Teachers: This course will provide you with 30 hours Continuing Education credits. Yoga Alliance Continuing Education: In order to continue learning and growing as a teacher, all Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®s) must complete 45 hours of Continuing Education every three years.

This course has been conducted by Shilpa Ghatalia who has been practicing yoga since 1988 and is the founder of Yogshakti Kuala Lumpur which trains teachers since 2014. Qualified by the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy (USA) and she is 500 hours EYRT Registered Yoga Alliance teacher.

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*Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers

After the 200 Hours Foundation Level training you continue your learning through practical teaching experience, self practice and study and further training.For teachers to maintain registration with Yoga Alliance, they must keep current with Continuing Education.

Yogshakti is a certified provider of Continuing Education (YACEP) and offer regular courses and events against which you can log your Contact Hour requirements. Our upcoming Continuing Education courses include The Science of Pranayama, Teaching Kriyas,Bandhas & Mudras and Guiding Meditation & Yoga Nidra Sessions.

From those who just completed the course…..

Maria Robinson

I thank you!! SO SO much for taking us through that short but very intensive course. It was such a joy to sit back in the Yogshakti community again and to feel your guidance and presence. The course was really inspiring and well structured with some real gems as usual! It flowed beautifully and each lesson brought its own magic moments which I’m sure touched each of us in our own ways. I loved the themes you chose to emphasise and have been inspired to look at many of them again in more detail and hopefully take some of it into my own teaching. My particular take-aways are gratefulness for refreshing our knowledge of the microcosmic orbit breathing. It was so powerful using it as we did.

Until this course it has not been a regular part of my practice having only used it for yin practice but now I hope to work on incorporating it more into asana. I also found kechari mudra to be really powerful when used with ujayi. As you say there is nothing quite like yoga as a discipline for a complete holistic approach to health and well being and I am so grateful to have met you for lighting that path for me. You are an incredible teacher, you never stand still and are constantly evolving your practice around your basic principles of meditation in movement and we are all very lucky to have crossed paths with you!

With much love and gratitude.

Crystal Yee

Dear Shilpa, thank you so much for all the incredible practices you have been sharing with us over the last 10 days! I have some questions & comments that I’ve been saving up!

Kechari mudra question -I find if I place my tongue as far back as I can on the soft part of the palette, I’m unable to swallow. I feel like after a 5-10 minutes my saliva builds, then I have to remove my tongue and swallow and place again. Is this normal or will I develop the ability to swallow with more practice? Udyana bandha in down dog – I liked this as well, I felt the ability to really empty my air out. But was wondering, do you exhale with your mouth open or closed? I didn’t want to lose my prana by exhaling through the mouth but when I exhaled from my nostrils it felt like a lot of pressure and that I was t able to exhale so deeply. How do you do it?

I really liked the reminder for mula bhanda on exhaling in the humming breath. With the focus mostly on the micro cosmic orbit during this course I’d forgotten the exhale up feeling. I really liked the Kapalbhati during the plank sequence. This added a lot of heat to it and I felt while holding the last exhale that I was so light and could feel myself going deeper physically. I really appreciated the use of Sanskrit during this course. One thing that I noticed throughout this course is when I focus so deeply on the breath and the direction of energy, sometimes I lose the somatic experience. Sometimes I just wanted to listen to what my body was saying like how it’s responding to a movement and explore a little. But then this felt like a deviation from the focus. Do I just allow this?

The most effective practices for me were kapalabhati in poses and breath holding. After these I feel so alive and my senses were heightened and they paved the way for a silenced mind. The micro cosmic orbit was very soothing and relaxing yet required focus to maintain an alert mind leading to meditation. Important takeaway – the power of the breath & visualization to lead to a meditative state and we were given many tools to do this

Sue Hall

Dear Shilpa, I used the microcosmic orbit in my class this morning & have had great feedback – everyone loved it! It really helps to concentrate the mind, & also focussing attention on different chakras is so powerful. I found the use of staggered breath in yoga nidra really powerful & would love to repeat that if possible. It’s such a wonderful practice. I’ve enjoyed using the kriyas within the sequence & I always try to do this too when teaching but good to get ideas for other options. Hard to say what my one take away is – I’ve learnt so much more – but probably a reminder to really slow down in practice. It’s easy to try & cram too much into a class. Less is more I’ve realised.


To begin with, this course has been marvelous!

I was introduced to so many new concepts, and my favourite was the microcosmic orbit. Because it was difficult at first, finding it to switch directions or move more to my right side, I decided to practice it throughout the day with kechari mudra. As a result, I’ve become more relaxed and in tune with my inner self, and feel more in control of my day. I’m improving in kechari mudra, and enjoy doing it whenever possible. I’ve heard that kechari mudra can go beyond the uvula, even to the pituitary gland in the nasopharynx!

I’m doubtful I’ll be doing it anytime soon, but is it safe to practice that on your own?

Breath holding during Yin was the best at emptying my mind, and I felt like I was very alive, yet very tempered, in that practice. My shoulder is opposed to a plank sequence, but I love combining it with kapalabhati! I feel it is just as powerful as uddiyana bandha in down dog. Before this course, I have always enjoyed starting with qi gong and/or the 8 spinal movements, and end my practices with a bit of yin yoga and seated meditation. Since the start of this course, breath holding, shoshuten, and yoga nidra have become a big part of my practice. Yoga nidra, especially, has taken me deeper and deeper, and I’m getting much better at maintaining a quiet mind. Of course, nothing beats yoga nidra in person, so I really miss being back at Yogshakti. In conclusion, it has been an amazing course, and I will review the material again over the next few days. Thank you very much for this wonderful experience!

Pin Teh

Dear Shilpa
You have taken us on an absolutely magical journey inwards, now there is no turning back. The various breathing techniques – from breath holding to staggered breath to active bhastrika & kapalabati – done during different asanas – were an invitation to the mind to go within. If there was one takeaway – this would be it – that the possibilities to tap our inner intelligence are infinite & that it can b done as long as with awareness & connection to within. The relationship to the chakras I found incredible & a revelation. What was known surfaced & what is to be revealed magically appears.

With what you’ve taught us, it is impossible to not want to meditate – the taste of going inwards has been true bliss. The daily practices’ relevance to real life was also evident & it permeated all actions, thoughts, consequences. It has been pure pure magic! If only people could discover this journey for themselves the world would be a better place !! Thank you for your clear & precise explanations & generosity in sharing. I’ve loved also our lovely chit chats post class & everyone’s different take on it all! Om Shanti x to all

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