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200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training Course

10th Feb to the 9th Mar 2023

Our Live Online 200 hour Teacher Training will be presented in a unique format this time.
The syllabus of Integrative Yoga will be taught as a: A Journey into Peace and Silence Within – Using Yoga as a means to Overcome Fear and Resistance.


300-hour Yoga Teacher Training

22nd Nov 2022 – 15th Dec 2022

Our 300 hours Integrative Yoga, Registered Yoga Teacher training (RYT) program will
empower you to teach and practice a style of Yoga that is unique, holistic and transformational.


We are offering online classes so you can practice anywhere.
Start where you are, expand to where you want to be.

Online Workshops

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Learn more on our courses

Yogshakti inspires living by offering engaging yoga classes, meaningful connection to community, and a memorable experience every time you walk through our doors.

Upcoming Workshops

14 Day Yoga Course With Emphasis on Breathing

7th to 20th Jan 2023

For the first time, Yogshakti will offer a 14-Day Breath Centered Yoga Course. The current state of Covid and increased levels of stress and anxiety around the world has reinstated the importance of breathing.

200 Hrs Teacher Training

10th Feb to the 9th Mar 2023

Our Integrative Yoga training will not only enable you to deepen your own practice and lead to self-transformation, but also create a firm foundation for you to lead your students into the state of silence & stillness that will be most rewarding & fulfilling.

Yoga/Ayurvedic Health Retreat

14th & 15th Jan 2023

A Two Day Yoga/Ayurvedic Health Retreat with Shilpa Ghatalia at Yogshakti to usher in the New Year! The 2-day Immersion that includes Yoga, Ayurveda, Yogic Kriyas, Breathing, Meditation & Deep Relaxation.

Online Workshops

Discover the new accessible Yogshakti’s online yoga platform.

Students can join our courses and workshops from the comfort of their own homes. We are offering online classes so you can practice anywhere. Start where you are, expand to where you want to be.

An Exploration into Pathways of Silence

In this course we will work with ways to the cultivation of inner silence. Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and Meditation, will be the means to this.

200 Hrs Teacher Training

You will gain experience in posture modifications and adjustments. You will also have opportunities to practice ‘teaching’ and receive feedback.

A Journey Through the Chakras

In this online course, we will work with the 7 major chakras that will enable you to awaken and transform the ‘hidden’ code within yourself.

Buteyko Breath Workshop

This online breath workshop will demystify the techniques of proper breathing discovered through the ancient yogic perspective as well as the modern Buteyko Method.


At Yogshakti, we approach Yoga holistically through our classes and workshops which are designed for you to appreciate all facets of health and well-being- physical alignment in postures, diet, sleep, breathing, deep relaxation, cleansing practices, mindfulness and meditation. We are passionate about helping you find your inherent power and uncover your dormant potential. The core principle of Integrative Yoga is that of cultivating awareness in everyday life. We believe that meditation is not separate from the physical asana practice or from life itself. Our practices will instil in you clarity of mind, peace and contentment. It will enhance the quality of whatever you do and imbue it with renewed freshness.

Yogshakti is a 200 RYS (registered Yoga School) and 300 RYS with Yoga Alliance USA. It also provides continuing education programmes for existing Yoga teachers.



14, Lorong Keruing, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6012 205 2714

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