Workshops & Events


Continuing Education Program

11th to 24th Feb 2021
(Live Online)

In this course we will work with ways to the cultivation of inner silence. Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and Meditation.

200 Hrs Teacher Training

1st to 21st Mar 2021
(Live Online & In Person)

Our Live Online 200 hour Teacher Training will be presented in a unique format this time. The syllabus of Integrative Yoga will be taught as a: A Journey into Peace and Silence Within – Using Yoga as a means to Overcome Fear and Resistance.

21 Day Course

1st to 21st March 2021
(Live Online Streaming)

Gain the confidence to build your own daily self-practice and make yoga a part of your daily life. Our 21-day course is perfect for beginners to study yoga systematically.

Breathe Well – Meditate – Sleep Well

15th to 21st Mar 2021
(Live Online)

In these series of online sessions, you will learn how to use *Yin Yoga integrated with Yogic and Buteyko breathing principles to sleep restfully and begin the art of conscious rest!

300 Hrs Teacher Training

18th May – 10th June 2021 AND 3rd – 26th September 2021

Our 300 hours Integrative Yoga, Registered Yoga Teacher training (RYT) program will empower you to teach and practice a style of Yoga that is unique, holistic and transformational.

Online Course: A Journey Through the Chakras

Begin anytime

In this online course, we will work with the 7 major chakras that will enable you to awaken and transform the ‘hidden’ code within yourself.

7-Day Online Meditation Challenge

Usher in 2021 with a daily practice of Meditation! Connect with your inner self and find peace and stability in these challenging times.

More Workshops

The Art of Restful Sleep

Sleep is an important pillar of health. Learn a variety of simple protocols and practices conducive for restful sleep.

The Art of Healthful Cooking

You are what you eat. Cooking demonstrations and recipes for a convenient, tasteful and wholesome diet.

The Art of Stilling the Mind

Learn basic meditation techniques and how to establish conditions conducive for meditation through posture, asana, breath work and more.