Workshops & Events


200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

20th Jul to 4th Dec 2024

Awaken To Your Inner Teacher. Our Integrative Yoga training encourages personal growth in your quest to teach and to deepen your self-practice.

Buteyko Breath Workshop

6th & 7th April 2024

Through this study, you will learn how to normalise your breathing, thereby improving your health on all levels – physical, mental and emotional and understand how breath affects stamina, sleep, appetite and other bodily processes.

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

3rd to 31st Oct 2024

Let your teaching flow effortlessly by discovering a deep connection with your own essence through Yogshakti’s unique system of Integrative Yoga.

More Workshops & Events…

5 Session – Essentials Of Integrative Yoga Course

Coming Soon

Awaken To Your Inner Teacher. Our Integrative Yoga training encourages personal growth in your quest to teach and to deepen your self-practice.

The Art of Stilling the Mind

Coming Soon

Learn basic meditation techniques and how to establish conditions conducive for meditation through posture, asana, breath work and more.

The Art of Restful Sleep

Coming Soon

Sleep is an important pillar of health. Learn a variety of simple protocols and practices conducive for restful sleep.

A Yogic Diet & Ayurvedic Cooking Class

Coming Soon

Learn how to incorporate a healthy, wholesome *sattvic diet to nourish your body, mind and soul! Ayurveda is a sister science to Yoga and its knowledge is indispensable to a Yogic Lifestyle. An important aspect of Ayurveda is learning how to cook and eat in accordance to your constitution/dosha.

A Weekend of Ayurvedic Cooking

Coming Soon

Your food is your medicine. Ayurveda a sister science of Yoga teaches us how to balance our constitution through the right diet. These two sessions will give you an insight into the basics of Ayurvedic cooking. You will learn how to cook with Spices, Lentils and Superfoods to make tasty and healthy meals!

The Art of Healthful Cooking

Coming Soon

This course gives an introduction to building blocks of a wholesome diet and demonstrates how to quickly cook, and introduce variations to, a healthy vegetarian meal, using spices to aid digestion. The following demonstrations and recipes will be provided:

14 Day Yoga Challenge

Coming Soon

We will cover 12 minutes self-practice routines which address key areas such as core and back strength, hip opening, breathing, and meditation, which you will be able to incorporate into your self-practice at home after the course.

Pranayama, The Oxygen Advantage Program & Buteyko Method

Coming Soon

Through, powerful practices to include pranayama, the Oxygen advantage program & the Buteyko method you will learn how build endurance, stamina, improve sleep, elimination, reduce body fat, strengthen core muscles, improve focus and mental clarity, reduce anxiety, and enjoy enhanced well-being on all levels.

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