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Participated in Teacher Training May 2017


Participated in Teacher Training May 2017

Karines Wachter

Participated in Teacher Training May 2017

I started my yoga practice at Yogshakti by attending the 14 days challenge. It was a great experience and I wanted more… so I signed up for the next 21 days challenge in April and at the same time I signed up for the Teacher Training Course in May! I felt a great relief with the practice…physically and emotionally!!! I could actually “drop my bags, my luggage” – I noticed how things didn’t affect me the same way… I was much more aware of my body, my soul, my mind …my sleep….my Hara! My BREATHING had changed. I became much more flexible. I stopped having pain in my lower back, where I had a hernia….I felt the need to be with ME… what a great feeling!!! I feel at Peace for the first time. The Qi Gong brings up in me what had been “forgotten” … It is great to feel and see what we have in us and be able to share it! I don’t ‘know’ yoga, I ‘feel’ yoga!

Trine Engskov

Participated in Teacher Training May 2017

Walking into the room at Yogshakti on the first day, meeting 20 strangers and not knowing what to think of them – and leaving the very same room a month later, feeling deeply connected and strangely entangled with those same 20 souls, is a rare experience.
This TTC has changed my perception of “being” more than I could have ever foreseen – or, perhaps even wanted, had I only known. Fortunately I didn’t, and having to disintegrate prior to integrate is only right. I have questioned. I have challenged. But, at times I have also felt doubt completely disappear. Who knows, perhaps one day, doubt, in its vast entirety, will be gone.
Shilpa’s Integrative Yoga is a powerful combination of Scaravelli inspired yoga, Yin yoga, Qi Gong, Centering, and Meditation. Lightness is key and experiencing how to move freely, without any restrictions, is like remembering something known, which was left abandoned somewhere on the outer periphery of life. As if the walls that I have build around me, as a very proficient bricklayer, suddenly vanished.

I arrived unprepared, but I leave this TTC prepared for the journey ahead. This journey, which is no longer mine. It’s ours.

Emma Jory (Pilates Specialist at ePilates online)

Participated in Teacher Training May 2017

Words can’t describe how happy and blessed I feel to have completed Shilpa’s 21 day course and 200 hour teacher training at Yogshakti. This training is like no other. Incorporating Qi Gong, Scaraveli yoga, yin yoga, philosophy and yoga nidra all in one. It’s such a powerful and unique practice. It has helped to free my mind and body of many limiting beliefs and pain points, allowing me to feel a sense of freedom. I’m excited to continue to practice and explore this method in my own body and to share my learnings with others.
I cannot recommend this training highly enough to anyone wanting to become a yoga instructor and or anyone wanting to improve their quality of life.
Thank you Shilpa for sharing your amazing knowledge with the world. We are extremely lucky to have you as our teacher.

Carolina Zamberlan Flores Peters

“It’s an exciting beginning… I’m already looking forward to the 300 hour Teacher Training Course!”

Graduate of Yogshakti’s 200 hour Teacher Training Course – October 2018 .

For a very long time I used to be so busy…I didn’t really know what I truly love doing. When the family moved to KL, I resigned from work, and discovered yoga. In yoga, I finally found something that gives me time for myself. Something that makes me happy. This led me to join the 200-hour Teacher Training Course at Yogshakti.

At the start of the course, I kept telling myself that I wasn’t good enough. I would say to myself, “I can’t do these poses!” But Shilpa teaches in a brilliant way. She taught us how to go deep in the experience. She really inspires me. She is very committed, very passionate about what she does.

Her teaching guided me to be able to accept myself as I am. To be kinder to myself. To stay calm and surrender to the feelings. And the magic did not stop there. I now feel more connected to my kids, and my husband, too. It’s been beautiful, this journey of Integrative Yoga. It’s indeed an exciting beginning. I’m already looking forward to the 300 hour Teacher Training Course!


Participated in Teacher Training Oct-Nov 2016

The teacher training course for me was a beautiful way to learn about yoga physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am leaving this course happier than when I started. Thank you so much Shilpa, Marlene, Adi and all the other teachers that have made this journey so special.


Participated in Teacher Training Oct-Nov 2016

This course has taught me about the human body, the joy and happiness of sharing with others, being in the flow of life and the importance of continuing this beautiful work. I am forever grateful!


Participated in Teacher Training Oct-Nov 2016

The course has taught me so much in such a short space of time. It has taught me the real importance of my practice; peace and joy. I will treasure this experience and the friends I have made forever

Anais Deschamps

Participated in Teacher Training 2014

It was a great experience. This TTC really helped me to deepen my practice. I improved myself in meditation, learned a lot about yoga philoso- phy and anatomy. The teachers were always ready to help each of us and the group was amazing!

Myrna La Caill

Participated in Teacher Training 2016

The TTC at Yogshakti was a true liberation for me, a beautiful life experience. The teaching from Shilpa was genuine and sincere which my heart and soul only could understand. Shilpa has put together a fantastic compilation of practices. The Qi Gong and Buteyko methods have enhanced my meditation practice and the Yin yoga and inspired Scaravelli methods have tremendously improved my flexibility. I highly recommend this beautiful center where I found Peace and Love.

Nicky Schobbe

Participated in Teacher Training 2016

From the start it was a magical journey. I expected it to be so many things and it was and more!. The realisation of how the breath can heal the body was wonderful. Meditation in combination with the breath was such a great teaching. I think that sharing was the best teaching tool. Shilpa as a teacher was focussed and aware of what was happening or evolved in the class. The space she gave us was that of tight friendship, being ourselves and letting go. There was great joy in her sharing. All in all, the course was amazing!

Teacher Training Course May 2017

Marie-Claude Langlois

Graduated in Teacher Training Course on 16th Nov 2017

Yogshakti is a wonderful yoga oasis in Kuala Lumpur. The studio is centrally located yet in a very quiet area, surrounded by greenery. The large glass studio has a tranquil view over a beautiful garden; an atmosphere totally conducive for a peaceful and rejuvenating yoga practice. The owner, Shilpa Ghatalia, is an amazing teacher. Highly experienced yoga practitioner and teacher, she takes you on a journey of self-discovery and freedom. Her yoga is totally transformative and restorative, a true meditation in movement. The aim: lightness of body and stillness of the mind. Shilpa is also very strong in philosophy, her teaching is really enlightening.


The 200-hour teacher training program is a life changing experiment for your body, mind and soul. At Yogshakti, you truly get in touch with the essence of yoga in all its dimensions. During the program, you can truly get in touch with your inner self and inner teacher, discovering freedom and lightness and exploring your body and mind. I totally recommend it to any practitioner. Her teaching has transformed me physically, spiritually and emotionally. Shilpa named the yoga she developed over many years “Integrative Yoga”. Here is how she describes it: “Integrative Yoga is a synthesis of the teachings of the Himalayan tradition of Swami Rama; the Intuitive Yoga of spinal freedom inspired by Vanda Scaraveli; Yin Yoga; the Zen Mindfulness teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and the philosophy of non-dualism of Taoism and Advaita Vedanta. It also draws from the timeless eastern practices of, Taichi & Qigong inspired by the system of Calligraphy Health of Master Yang Mian and the fluid spinal practices of the Yoga Synergy method. Integrative Yoga is about ‘yielding’ or ‘letting go’ in movement to make ‘space’ for the vast, ever present intelligence within. This leads to relaxation of effort in which there is freedom from tension, pushing, pulling or forcing. In the practice, we experience balance between doing and being, effort and effortlessness. The practice is based on that which the yogis have been pointing to since eons – You already are that which you seek. With the dropping of ‘doing’ one naturally experiences one’s ‘BEingness’. To BE means to abide in our true nature, to the source within, to the silent witnessing presence within, which has always been there, is there and will always be there. Integrative Yoga incorporates philosophy into movement to enable one to find the infinite within and live in a continuous state of awareness. The practice involves: – Movement originating from the Vital Center/ Dan Tien or Hara – Effortless movement with little or no change in heart rate – Slowing of breath – Silencing of mind – Cultivating Presence”

Graduated in 300 Hrs Teacher Training Course on 25th Sep 2018

The Teacher Training Programs at Yogskakti are extremely powerful. The teaching from Shilpa comes from so many years of experience and wisdom. The teaching also comes from a place of peace, love, light and joy that is not a transferred theoretical knowledge, but rather one of experimental knowledge. You truly get an in-depth understanding of the true essence of yoga as a whole, not just as a physical practice but as what it was originally meant to be: Yoga. The teaching goes beyond the physical practice of asanas and bring to life a sense of freedom and an approach to self-discovery that is so liberating. Personally, over the last 5 years, the practice of Integrative Yoga has totally transformed by body, but more importantly, my way of being and my conception of life and suffering. Integrative Yoga is a practice that includes: Kriyas, Pranayama, Yang and Yin approaches to asanas, a spinal centered yoga that is influenced by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, Yin Yoga principles, Qi Gong, Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra and Meditation, all infused with Non-Dualism Advaita Vedanta and Taoism philosophies. Part of the teaching were also dedicated to Ayurveda and Yogic Diet. The 300-hour Teacher Training course allows the students to get deeper in their own practice of yoga on and off the mat. The asanas are done in a way that brings lightness in the body and stillness in the mind. The practice and discussions, allow students-teachers to explore and discuss in more details the principles of the practice, the philosophy and their experience as practitioners and teachers. The program really lives up to its saying that Integrative Yoga is “Meditation in Movement”, we experienced it daily. While the 200-hour TTC is wonderful at teaching the principles of Integrative Yoga to find the lightness in the body and stillness of mind, the 300-hour TTC goes deeper in the practice and allows for more time to explore the philosophy and the subtle elements of the practice. We practiced many new techniques influenced by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli and the new science of movement. They were brought to us by Shilpa and master teacher Paddy McGrath to find even more lightness in our body. We practiced asanas from the spine and away for pushing and pulling with our muscles in a linear way. So many ways to use our whole body and central nervous system in movement that recognizes the importance of our fascia making every parts of us connected as a whole and recognizing also the applications of the principles of tensegrity. All of which, leads to freedom and lightness and embodiment of the Taoism concept of Wu-Wei, non-doing, effortless effort. We got deeper in understanding how our practice affects the five sheaths, or koshas of our being. We got a deeper understanding of our energy body as we learnt more in-depth knowledge about the Chakras and practiced Qi Gong, new Pranayama, and centering in our inner self reservoir of life force (Hara, Lower Dantian) to move and express ourselves from within. Meditation and deep relaxation through Yoga Nidra are core to the teaching. Philosophical questions are discussed and meditated upon daily. Who am I? is contemplated. The concept of non-doership is explored. The Sutras of Patanjali are explained and discussed. Our life on and off the mat is observed and serve as daily discussion topics. The opportunities for personal growth are immense. I am so grateful for the teaching. I would recommend to anybody and everybody.


Participated in 200 Hrs & 300 Hrs Integrative Yoga Teacher Training
My Journey Through Integrative Yoga

I have been following my husband all around the world for the last 15 years, practicing yoga in different countries, with more or less attendance. At this time, yoga was just a way to increase my flexibility. In 2014, I arrived in Malaysia and discovered Integrative yoga, since then, my incredible journey started.

I did my 200hrs yoga teacher training last year in Yogshakti and this year I continue with the 300hrs. With the 200hrs TTC, you start to touch the essence of yoga, your inner peace.

With the 300hrs, you go in a deeper level. You make a commitment with yourself to bring yoga and philosophy in every moment of your life. I evolved so much in the training and still with my everyday practice. It is an ongoing practice, which never stops. In the 300hrs, with all the aspects of Integrative yoga such as Qigong, Scaravelli practice, breathing techniques, Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga Nidra, I ‘touched’ the essence of yoga and experienced meditation in movement. I also learnt so much on a spiritual and philosophic level, my practice has evolved on such a powerful level and now meditation is part of my life.

Since I practiced Integrative yoga, my yoga has become light and fluid, no efforts is required to move from one asana to an other one. My body is totally free of tensions as is my mind. My yoga has become my inner dance, my meditation.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Shilpa who is an incredible human being with so much love, wisdom, compassion and knowledge to share. You are such an inspiration. I hope everyone one day can feel this peacefulness.

Peace, Love, Light and Joy!

Maria Robinson

Completed in 300 Hrs Teacher Training 20th Oct 2018

If you are looking to advance your knowledge of yoga, deepen the methodology behind it and really have an understanding of its philosophy and meaning then you need look no further. Here you will be guided and inspired by the course’s founder Shilpa Ghatalia will teach and assist you with deep love and care. She brings a lifetime of knowledge to this course by creating a unique way of sequencing the asana practices and then blending them into the meditation and philosophy of non-dualism. She has called her yoga style ‘Integrative Yoga’ and the name is extremely apt, for you will learn not just classical Hatha but several full and rounded combinations and sequences to include Yin yoga, Qi Gong and Scaravelli techniques (the latter put together in a fun and inspiring light hearted way by Paddy Mcgrath who assists in the first module). For me the highlight was the meditation and mindfulness practices which were done together in the early morning and our fascinating philosophy chats in the late afternoons. Shilpa truly embodies and lives what she preaches and teaches and her live for al her students is so genuine. Her teaching always seems as though it’s personal to you! You will also learn about your body and how to live in a healthier manner, you will learn about the ancient science of Ayurveda and under the guise of her amazing cook, Marlene, you will learn how to cook wonderful meals and food combinations to strengthen your body. This course is truly holistic and conducted in a beautiful space set amongst greenery and dappled sunlight. The studio is light and spacious and offers accommodation if needed subject to availability. Your course will also cover some functional anatomy made relevant to common injuries that you might come across in class as a Yoga Instructor. This is a course therefore for those who have already taken a step along their yogic path with a 200 hour but who wish to develop themselves further as teachers. I left this course with far more teaching tools than I had when I started and I felt really empowered as a teacher. I know that I can offer so much more to my own students in the future thanks to this course and this is what every yoga teacher needs when advancing their practice. I enjoyed every minute and would love to do it all over again !

Zhenya Bell

Completed in 300 Hrs Teacher Training 25th Sep 2018

The 300 hours Teachers Training at Yogshakti Life was challenging, intense, transformative and rewarding experience.Shilpa’s passion to dive deeper into yogic philosophy, different yogic schools and practices, to extract the most relevant elements from them and to combine them into a unique program is extremely inspirational. Shilpa’s approach to teaching is professional, focused and inclusive, she accept each and every one as equal, she teaches from her heart with love and compassion. Shilpa’s philosophy of “Listening to your inner teacher” led me to better self understanding and enhance my personal practice and my teaching. The 300 hours Teachers Training cirriculum was well thought out, a beautiful blend of physical practice, breathing , meditation, Ayurvedic life style, yoga philosophy and contemporary scientific research. The training expanded my knowlwedge about Yoga Sutras of Patanjaly and my understanding on how the ancient yogic wisdom is relevant and aplicable in our contemporary life. This cource had a profound effect on me not only as a teacher but as a human being. I am ever grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the first 300 hours Yogshakti Life teachers training program, to learn Yoga and Yoga philosophy with Shilpa and with that very special group of yogis. I highly recommend 300 hours Yogshakti Life Teachers Training program to every one who would like to acquire better understanding about Yoga and Yoga Philosophy or for those who would like to take the path toward personal transformation and development. The Yogshakti Teacher Training has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. I have done plenty of courses on the mind, body and spirit before but they have just kept me more solidly up in my head, my ego, so that when I left the course I was fearful that I would forget what I learnt. This teacher training is the only course that I have experienced where the learning comes through my body. I am not learning anything new, I am just remembering what is inside me and doing so, it is impossible to forget. My connection to my Hara will change my life forever.
Thank you.

Angela Boyle

Participated in Teacher Training 2016

The Yogshakti Teacher Training has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. I have done plenty of courses on the mind, body and spirit before but they have just kept me more solidly up in my head, my ego, so that when I left the course I was fearful that I would forget what I learnt. This teacher training is the only course that I have experienced where the learning comes through my body. I am not learning anything new, I am just remembering what is inside me and doing so, it is impossible to forget. My connection to my Hara will change my life forever.
Thank you.

Emmanuelle Magnard

Participated in Teacher Training 2016

The Yogshakti teacher training has been an EXTRAordinary experience. The teaching flowed from one module to another so naturally, starting with breath and Hara centering and using those concepts all along in Scaravelli inspired yoga and Yin Yoga. Philosophy is not just one module at the end of the training, it is “distilled” all along very beautifully. The sharing session’s everyday were beautiful.

Scaravelli inspired yoga is for everyone, flexible or not, strong or not. It awakens intuition.You feel freedom in your spine, in your joints, in your body. Practice becomes a flow, so easy to implement on a daily basis.
When I practice I sometimes “touch” this state of meditation in movement and this brings me a lot of joy and peace. I experience true letting go and meditation in movement.

I thank Shilpa with all my heart for this precious gift.
Peace, Love, Light and Joy!

Anis Jamaludin

Participated in Teacher Training 2016

This was just the journey I needed in my life at this time. Learning to make peace with my inner self by being compassionate and forgiving myself. This teacher training has not just taught me breathing, Asana and the many techniques, but to awaken a sense of awareness for when these tools are needed in my own life. It taught me that there is no teacher/guide/externalities that one can depend on but our own true self – pure consciousness-source.

This training has helped me gather myself, come back “home”, the home I’ve been longing and searching for all my life. It really has given me a “taste” of the person I truly am, and this is perfect. This is the only way to live. And as I’m writing this, tears are about to fall… The realization of this is so powerful. So moving. It is so pure and untainted. Ever filling, everlasting and always within…..no matter the flux of extremities and phenomena.

Lene Simonnes

Participated in Teacher Training 2015

This course is probably my best spent month so far. Thank you, Shilpa Ghatalia for creating such magical conditions for learning and realisation! The greatest gift I received was the reminder and experience, beyond the intellectual understanding, that I am already enough and that I am deeply and fundamentally connected to everyone and everything around me. If you are looking for the tools and confidence to fully own your own practice and/ or teach from a more authentic place, this course is for you. I feel truly privileged to be on the receiving end of Shilpa’s wisdom and mentorship as she is generously sharing the philosophy, the practice and the routines of the Yogshakti Integrative Yoga path. Bonuses include: An incredible boost in physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. You get to eat Marlene Sisone’s amazing food for a whole month. And you make connections and friendships that will last for a lifetime. I did. And for that I am grateful!

Aishah Hussein

Participated in Teacher Training 2017

My journey with Yogshakti starts with its 14 days’ Yoga Challenge Course. I have seen positive impact it has on my physical and mental health just after 14 days of continuous practice of Integrative Yoga and mindfulness meditation. Soon after, I signed for 21 days’ Course and by the second week into my 21 days’ Course, I resolved to enroll in Yogshakti’s Integrative Yoga 200 Hours Teacher Training (Integrative Yoga RYS 200). After the completion of Integrative RYS 200, my yoga practice has evolved tremendously. It has made my practice more joyful and I now have the confidence to share the joy of yoga practice with others.

Yogshakti is like a hospital. You check in with all sorts of ailments and you check out feeling enlighten!

Peace, love, light and joy

Alyssa Yoong

Participated in Teacher Training 2017

The Integrative Yoga is inspired by many classical Indian yoga teachers, Vanda Scaravelli and most recently ancient Chinese exercise and healing techniques. Shilpa has expertly brought together teachings from these sources to make possible gentle yet powerful and light yet grounded yoga practice. The Integrative Yoga teacher training course was further enriched as Shilpa engaged us with enquiry on a wide variety of philosophies that touched and changed many of our lives. Shilpa was amazing in helping us find the inner teacher within us. I only expected to have one teacher in this course but this course was enlivened by so many teachers. I witnessed my own transformation and that of my course mates from being the student to being the teacher.

Yin Sylvia

Participated in Teacher Training 2017

Integrative yoga has been a transformational practice for me. It opened up a whole new level of depth in my personal practice that I did not think was possible.What I love so much about Integrative yoga is that we are taught to move from inside out. When your practice comes from a place deep within you, you will experience a kind of bliss that permeates every single cell of your body.The unification of Qi gong, Scaravelli Yoga , Yin Yoga and Mindfulness & Meditation is the backbone of this style. Together they give the practitioner a dance like practice that is incredibly meditative. Qi gong grounds us into our inner ‘home’, Scaravelli Yoga teaches us how to be light and free in our movement, Yin Yoga teaches us to surrender and yield while Mindfulness & Meditation empowers us to cultivate an inner stillness whatever the circumstances maybe. It is a practice that cannot be described by words but must be experienced to understand the power it can yield.

Kate Sarginson

Participated in Teacher Training 2017

Within the first day of the Yogshakti TT Course I could tell I was going to get a lot from the course. I had an inkling it would drastically improve my own practice, that the content complemented my Health Coaching Training and I felt like I had an inside track to really caring for myself, my body and my family for years to come. 3 weeks in, I was beyond right. From the philosophy to the physical practice, from Qi Gong to Scaravelli I feel like I have ‘upskilled’ myself in a truly intrinsic way – I feel I know my body and mind better, and beyond that my essence and already notice a subtle shift in the way I go about my day. Shilpa, and the people on the course are wonderful people who I am so thankful to have met and spend this time with. The bonds formed have been a very special part of the course and will last long beyond the gates of Yogshakti.

In short the whole experience has been transformational in many many ways and I feel this is just the beginning.

Marie-Isabelle Fleuri

Participated in Teacher Training 2017

I came to yoga 4 years ago as a mean to improve my flexibility affected by running… I used to feel quite exhausted during the practice because I was always wondering if I was doing the pause right. Arriving at Yogshakti few months ago, I found the place extremely peaceful and authentic and the practice light and free. Really quickly, my practice became very light and mindful, freeing up my body and emptying my mind… I built back some core muscles, improved my back and shoulder stiffness from hours sitting behind a computer. So not only this training improved my physical condition but I also became softer with myself, more peaceful and joyful as a result of the practice.  I am really grateful to Shilpa and the team for creating such a peaceful environment and for the my yoga sisters for being so inspiring with their sharing.

Nele Daemen

Participated in Teacher Training 2016

The Yogshakti TTC has completely transformed my asana practice. I now fully embrace the concept of ‘Meditation in Movement’ and it has helped me to release the tension that is present in my body and mind. I used to feel soreness and stiffness in my ligaments and joints before. By integrating the principles of integrative yoga into my practice, even challenging poses feel light and effortless. I have seen the results in backbends like cobra, in my downward dog and forward bends, headstand and even splits. I love the integrative yoga sun salutations as I can really experience `meditation in movement` whilst doing them by finding the connection through the breath.

Thank you Shilpa and the whole Yogshakti community!

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