Teacher Training Testimonials


Participated in Teacher Training May 2017


Participated in Teacher Training May 2017

Lidia Plotkina

Participated in Teacher Training May 2017

It was an adventurous journey inside out & back again of discovering myself and letting myself go at the same time. The TTC was a great combination of theory & practice, positive environment and spiritual ambiance guaranteed. Complex & easy, deep & light, intense & calming month of training. The TTC pointed me again more than everything else in my life back to myself, motivating me for further physical & spiritual “growth”.

Challenging myself, listening to my inner voice, trusting my intuition, recognising and accepting whatever was arising inside is a huge and crucial practice which can be reached through breathing techniques & meditation.
Included in the course were different yoga aspects and related yoga practices, such as Yin yoga, Qi Gong, Scaravelli inspired yoga, Yoga Nidra made this training complex & full in a good way. This is a great opportunity to taste yoga in its wide range and understand its integrative nature.

Integrative Yoga is much more than it is presented in modern fast moving & fast consuming society. It is a way out for me, to stop, to look around, to feel the wind blowing, the clouds moving, the trees are quietly whispering – carpe diem.
Yoga is the attitude to life, my personal response, how they say – beauty is in the eyes of the beholder – , the world is imprinted in the millions of eyes looking out, but what is inside of these millions eyes?…a universe which we are about to discover.

My personal gratitude to Shilpa, Maria, Marlene who made this TTC happened and shared so much knowledge & wisdom with us, many thanks to amazing group of people taking this course and of course to the beloved zen cats keeping an eye on everyone.

Karine Wachter

Participated in Teacher Training May 2017

I started my yoga practice at Yogshakti by attending the 14 days challenge. It was a great experience and I wanted more… so I signed up for the next 21 days challenge in April and at the same time I signed up for the Teacher Training Course in May! I felt a great relief with the practice…physically and emotionally!!! I could actually “drop my bags, my luggage” – I noticed how things didn’t affect me the same way… I was much more aware of my body, my soul, my mind …my sleep….my Hara! My BREATHING had changed. I became much more flexible. I stopped having pain in my lower back, where I had a hernia….I felt the need to be with ME… what a great feeling!!! I feel at Peace for the first time. The Qi Gong brings up in me what had been “forgotten” … It is great to feel and see what we have in us and be able to share it! I don’t ‘know’ yoga, I ‘feel’ yoga!

Trine Engskov

Participated in Teacher Training May 2017

Walking into the room at Yogshakti on the first day, meeting 20 strangers and not knowing what to think of them – and leaving the very same room a month later, feeling deeply connected and strangely entangled with those same 20 souls, is a rare experience.
This TTC has changed my perception of “being” more than I could have ever foreseen – or, perhaps even wanted, had I only known. Fortunately I didn’t, and having to disintegrate prior to integrate is only right. I have questioned. I have challenged. But, at times I have also felt doubt completely disappear. Who knows, perhaps one day, doubt, in its vast entirety, will be gone.
Shilpa’s Integrative Yoga is a powerful combination of Scaravelli inspired yoga, Yin yoga, Qi Gong, Centering, and Meditation. Lightness is key and experiencing how to move freely, without any restrictions, is like remembering something known, which was left abandoned somewhere on the outer periphery of life. As if the walls that I have build around me, as a very proficient bricklayer, suddenly vanished.

I arrived unprepared, but I leave this TTC prepared for the journey ahead. This journey, which is no longer mine. It’s ours.

Emma Jory (Pilates Specialist at ePilates online)

Participated in Teacher Training May 2017

Words can’t describe how happy and blessed I feel to have completed Shilpa’s 21 day course and 200 hour teacher training at Yogshakti. This training is like no other. Incorporating Qi Gong, Scaraveli yoga, yin yoga, philosophy and yoga nidra all in one. It’s such a powerful and unique practice. It has helped to free my mind and body of many limiting beliefs and pain points, allowing me to feel a sense of freedom. I’m excited to continue to practice and explore this method in my own body and to share my learnings with others.
I cannot recommend this training highly enough to anyone wanting to become a yoga instructor and or anyone wanting to improve their quality of life.
Thank you Shilpa for sharing your amazing knowledge with the world. We are extremely lucky to have you as our teacher.

Teacher Training Course May 2017

Angela Boyle

Participated in Teacher Training 2016

The Yogshakti Teacher Training has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. I have done plenty of courses on the mind, body and spirit before but they have just kept me more solidly up in my head, my ego, so that when I left the course I was fearful that I would forget what I learnt. This teacher training is the only course that I have experienced where the learning comes through my body. I am not learning anything new, I am just remembering what is inside me and doing so, it is impossible to forget. My connection to my Hara will change my life forever.
Thank you.

Emmanuelle Magnard

Participated in Teacher Training 2016

The Yogshakti teacher training has been an EXTRAordinary experience. The teaching flowed from one module to another so naturally, starting with breath and Hara centering and using those concepts all along in Scaravelli inspired yoga and Yin Yoga. Philosophy is not just one module at the end of the training, it is “distilled” all along very beautifully. The sharing session’s everyday were beautiful.

Scaravelli inspired yoga is for everyone, flexible or not, strong or not. It awakens intuition.You feel freedom in your spine, in your joints, in your body. Practice becomes a flow, so easy to implement on a daily basis.
When I practice I sometimes “touch” this state of meditation in movement and this brings me a lot of joy and peace. I experience true letting go and meditation in movement.

I thank Shilpa with all my heart for this precious gift.
Peace, Love, Light and Joy!

Anis Jamaludin

Participated in Teacher Training 2016

This was just the journey I needed in my life at this time. Learning to make peace with my inner self by being compassionate and forgiving myself. This teacher training has not just taught me breathing, Asana and the many techniques, but to awaken a sense of awareness for when these tools are needed in my own life. It taught me that there is no teacher/guide/externalities that one can depend on but our own true self – pure consciousness-source.

This training has helped me gather myself, come back “home”, the home I’ve been longing and searching for all my life. It really has given me a “taste” of the person I truly am, and this is perfect. This is the only way to live. And as I’m writing this, tears are about to fall… The realization of this is so powerful. So moving. It is so pure and untainted. Ever filling, everlasting and always within…..no matter the flux of extremities and phenomena.

Lene Simonnes

Participated in Teacher Training 2015

This course is probably my best spent month so far. Thank you, Shilpa Ghatalia for creating such magical conditions for learning and realisation! The greatest gift I received was the reminder and experience, beyond the intellectual understanding, that I am already enough and that I am deeply and fundamentally connected to everyone and everything around me. If you are looking for the tools and confidence to fully own your own practice and/ or teach from a more authentic place, this course is for you. I feel truly privileged to be on the receiving end of Shilpa’s wisdom and mentorship as she is generously sharing the philosophy, the practice and the routines of the Yogshakti Integrative Yoga path. Bonuses include: An incredible boost in physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. You get to eat Marlene Sisone’s amazing food for a whole month. And you make connections and friendships that will last for a lifetime. I did. And for that I am grateful!