5 Session – Essentials Of Integrative Yoga Course

Our 5 Session Essentials of *Integrative Yoga Course is a brilliant starting point if you are new to Yoga.

Taught in small groups by our experienced yoga teachers, you’ll learn the basic postures and principles and build on what you learn each week.  This  course will enable you to practice yoga with greater ease and confidence.

In each of the five sessions, you will learn the fundamentals of postural alignment and through this, rediscover your flexibility and find greater ease and fluidity in your movement. In addition to learning Yoga postures in a systematic way, you will also be introduced to powerful breathwork, mindfulness and meditation. The result will be a new found joy and lightness in your body and mind.

This course is suitable for those who are new to Integrative Yoga; The benefit of attending this course is that each session is dedicated to an important classification of posture and will build on the previous session. By the end of 5 sessions, you will be well equppied to attend any yoga class, enjoy it and gain much more from it!

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What students say about Integrative Yoga:

Practicing yoga with the “spine awakening” technique has perhaps been the biggest detoxification I’ve ever experienced. After the first few sessions, I felt years (decades!) of tensions, emotions, anger, pain, guilt, etc, release from my spine.” ~ Catherine Jones

It works !! Integrative Yoga energizes the body and quietens the mind .. you really want to pratice it regularly as the difference is apparent !!Rachana Dighe

Not only do i feel lighter from the flexibility i have gained, but i feel fitter and healthier than ever. But the most important part would be the understanding of how connected the body and mind is! I have realized that through my mind, I can improve my body by controlling and relaxing my movements. And in turn, my body can improve my mind by releasing stress and fear through these poses. ” ~ Olivier Di Tullio

*Yogshakti’s Integrative Yoga is a practice of classical Hatha Yoga based on the principles of [1]Vanda Scaravelli inspired Spinal Eclectic Yoga and Yin Yoga. While Yin Yoga works towards opening key areas of the body through long held poses, the Scaravelli-inspired technique is an effortless “dance” with breath and gravity leading to freedom of the spine and lightness of body.

[1] Vanda Scaravelli author of the book: “Awakening the spine”.

Course Content:

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