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Connect with your inner self and find peace and stability

A daily practice of Meditation is indispensable for your health and well-being! Connect with your inner self and find peace and stability in these challenging times. In these set of 7 one hour videos Shilpa share her 35 years of experience in the field of Meditation. Having studied with several masters from the Himalayan masters to Zen meditation to Qi Gong as a moving meditation she created Integrative Yoga which specializes in practices to still the mind. In this 7-day meditation course you will learn everything related to meditation from – the preliminaries of the practice to different ways to still the mind. Each session is of  one hour duration. This course will enable you to begin a daily practice of meditation.

7-Day Meditation Challenge


RM 450

9-Day Meditation Series


RM 400

What our students say…

Ka Bien

Thank you for the incredible teaching and for an amazing experience!. I have been practicing yoga every day after attending last year’s 21 days course. I will now resolve to incorporate meditation into my lifestyle. Thank you once again


Thank you for sharing your knowledge and offering a variety of “techniques”. You gave us beautiful tools to explore meditation. I particularly enjoyed the yin yoga and circle of light (and of course so/hum) prelude to sitting for long periods of precious timeless moments of life. I feel really grateful 😌.

Asvika Mahes

What an amazing experience and I’m so proud of myself that I can sit to meditate for more than 15 mins. thank you so much for the amazing 7 day’s journey.❤️ Thank you


Thank you! It has been a wonderful 7days 😌. I find that I have a lot of thoughts during the sleeping meditation mainly because I have a thinking habit before bed I believe… but somehow I was able to do seated meditation better right after the sleep-based meditation. Will try the combination again.


Thank you for introducing to different methods of meditation. I have found calmness and serenity. the knowledge u shared is precious. thank you again for a wonderful experience.


It was my first time with meditation… you did it so smooth that I have the feeling that I can do by myself… 😊😊 Thank you very much for you wonderful teaching and your light.

Andrea Ching Ny Yoke

Shilpa, you are such a great teacher 😊 Your experienced teaching has made me easier to sit for longer time & stay in the practice.


Thank you so much for this course. I learned a lot about different style/ steps of meditation. I hope you continue giving short courses, related to yoga.


Thank you Shilpa, while I have learnt these techniques from you before, there is always a new ‘aha’ moment of joy and learning in the freshness of the moment and as you speak from the pure stream of consciousness 💕 thank you ever so much.

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