A Journey Through the Chakras

Chakras are the “lungs” of the subtle energy body that contain vital information affecting us on: Physical, Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual levels. Our habit patterns, thoughts, emotions, physical and spiritual well-being are determined by the programming contained in these energy centres. The experience of well-being on all levels, spiritual awakening and manifesting our needs in the material world all depend on how open and balanced these chakras are.

In this course, we will work with the 7 major chakras that will enable you to awaken and transform the ‘hidden’ code within yourself. In this 21 day journey our study of chakras with practices both from the Yogic and Taoist traditions will enable you to unravel your own issues, be they physical, mental or emotional.

You will study:
• Yoga Sequences to balance each of the 7 chakras
• Qi Gong practices to awaken and balance the chakras
• Meridians and their relationship with Chakras
• Chakras with Yin Yoga
• Breathing and Pranayama practices to balance chakras
• Meditation with focus on specific chakras

Who Should Attend:

Anyone with an interest in deepening the Mind-Body practices of Yoga, QI Gong, Breathing and Meditation.

Continuing Education:

Continuing Education Program for Yoga Teachers: Yogshakti is a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) and therefore this course attendance by 200- and 300-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teachers will be eligible as part of the Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program.

For more information on the details, contact us at +6012 251 1857 or email hello@yogshakti.com

What our participants felt about the Journey……

In the words of Cecile Allan who described her journey...

Thank you Shilpa for taking us on this amazing journey through our 7 chakras.

“Thanks to your teaching, guidance and insights, I was able to do a deep introspection within myself. The effect on body and mind afterwards was so incredible. I truly enjoyed the holistic approach you had on this course incorporating Qi Gong, yoga practice, and meditation for each chakra.

Working on each chakra my experience and feeling were as follows:
-Mūlādhāra, the root Chakra: I felt grounded after our practice.
-Swadhistana, the sacral chakra: our emotion centre. During the practice of Hip opening I wanted to cry. I talked to you and you helped me to realise I was still dealing with a personal loss.
-Manipura, the solar plexus chakra,. Our willpower. I felt a strong connection between body and mind and much more awareness of my surroundings afterwards.
-Anahata, the heart chakra. During the practice and especially on the meditation part, I felt an outpour of love and cried uncontrollably, acknowledging my personal loss and the sorrow I was carrying still within. Crying was really cleansing, and I felt lighter afterwards. Releasing the pain and letting it go was really a wonderful experience.
-Ajna the third eye chakra. Felt a sense of space and tranquillity working with different breathing techniques.
-Sahasrara, the Crown chakra. I discovered yoga Nidra and how deep within yourself you can go. After the meditation, I felt I went on a beautiful journey within myself. I felt a sense of peace and serenity.

Physicality is not everything in Yoga. Combined with meditation and breathing enables one quieten the mind and find the realm of peace,, love and happiness which lies within you . Thank you Shilpa for putting us on the path of consciousness and Liberation.”

In the words of Norliza Khan…

It has been an incredible journey for and I am glad I did this!

“When I started this course I was going through anxiety issues and was prescribed medication. I was stressed out with running my firm I had set up 2 years ago and I was also in logger heads with my 2 older daughters. My father was also in icu. This course has helped me deal with my anxiety. I have not taken the medication recently. I also have become a lot calmer and am no longer angry and stressed out as much.

It came to me during one of the meditations that my firm is not my purpose but a means to my higher purpose. It also came to me that my current purpose is to embrace motherhood and letting go of control when dealing with my kids and to be “kinder” when I speak to them. I am learning to “trust” that my needs will be met.

It has been an incredible journey for and I am glad I did this Today when I got up from shavasana and closed my eyes my light was really bright and very still and serene. Almost like a big tv screen and in that moment I felt different- like a calm peaceful emptiness. It was surreal to me. Thank you Shilpa for this journey.”

In the words of Crystal Yee…

Thanks again Shilpa for a lovely, inspiring, insightful and blissful 14 days

“I’ve studied with Shilpa for some time so the journey through the chakras is not totally new for me. But it continues to amaze me how strong my conditioning and samskaras are and how quickly old thought patterns and habits return. I feel that working with the chakras is a systematic, concrete way to become aware of these strong patterns and to consider whether they are serving me in the path to freedom from suffering. It’s a powerful way to guide a yoga class as well and I do plan to incorporate into my own classes.

The philosophy that everything is just happening and it’s how we react to it is also valuable to me. It’s an important reminder to trust that everything comes to us for a reason and we can learn and love so much in this life!

This was the perfect way to start 2020 for me. Thanks again Shilpa for a lovely, inspiring, insightful and blissful 14 days ❤”

In the words of Cynthia Fon...

It is as though life is giving me a second chance to re-live the moments with a wiser choice.

“14 consecutive days of practice is true enlightenment to all the miseries in life. As I journeyed through each chakra, the darkness in each aspect of life was brought to light. Those which were unspoken & unexpressed as I was either too young or not wise enough to handle, are now lining up for their turns to be examined & dealt with. It is as though life is giving me a second chance to re-live the moments with a wiser choice. With this awareness of darkness & the choices I actually have, I am grounding in the present while looking back to the past with more understanding, loving-kindness & forgiveness. Being mindful that “I cannot turn back time & change the past, but I can learn something from it”, I flow through life more at ease. How could I not be grateful for such a wonderful journey & the opportunity to live life to the fullest?”

In the words of Allyson Yeo…..

My 14-day chakra journey with Shilpa was a beautiful unfoldment

“My 14-day chakra journey with Shilpa was a beautiful unfoldment of my own realisation and enlightenment through her teaching wisdom combined with deep yoga postures and qi gong movements. Unexplained by the mind but felt by the energy presence of each chakra, my heart feels open and my mind gradually conscious to deeper truths and further spiritual learnings. As each day progressed, I felt a deep release of many blockages that i’ve held on to for many years in my life as I experienced intense emotional release on certain days that also came with a fulfilling sense of relief.

At the end of the course, my energetic chi felt like it has opened up to flow more freely between the manifesting and liberating current which is wonderful. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Shilpa for guiding me through this journey to learn more about ourselves and to live a life of greater awakening to our true self. Thank you.”

To register for this workshop, email: hello@yogshakti.com or call or what’s-app: 012-2052714