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Inn Nahari

It changed my life! I thought I was just going to trying this ‘yoga’ thing but was blown away by the whole experience.The physical improvement is great but the best thing is the mental clarity and grounding of some solid philosophy that helps me stay rooted in navigating a hectic modern life.

Mary Absolom Fernandez

She is actually A ‘life coach’ using yoga. She convinced me that yoga can help you to age gracefully.Her 21 day course was so inspiring. Would highly recommend to everyone. Try it and you will never be the same.

Nicky Schobbe

I thank Shilpa for her explanations and true care during these 21-Day Course, she brought the love in every asana, breath, meditation which we all so needed.

Lyana Cheong

The benefits I gained from Shipa’s classes extended way beyond just yoga. It has had a substantial impact on the way I approach all my yoga classes. I now stand straighter and have more confidence as a result of my improved postural alignment. I have thoroughly enjoyed her classes, feeling healthier after each one! Thanks Shilpa for showing me the correct way to enjoy yoga!

Magdalena Spletter

I love Shilpa’s Yoga. I do the 21 days Yoga and it’s amazing. She is one of the best teachers I ever had. She explains everything with a lot of accuracy and passion. She has a huge experience and see right away where I’m struggling or doing wrong. And she is giving very precious tools about Life style, breathing, nutrition, etc.
I highly recommend her programs.

More Testimonials

Anyone who is concerned with their mental, spiritual and physical well-being should attend Shilpa’s classes. I have found her instructions to be very clear and easy to follow. She has lots of respect for her students and does her best to give each student personal attention. She is truly dedicated to helping her students achieve total well-being through her compassion. I’ve learnt so much about how the yoga poses and breathing works in helping us achieve total well-being from her. The classes are flexible – students decide which and how many classes to sign up for without any pressure. Those who are working or need to travel will find her schedule flexible and timing of classes so convenient.

~Angie Robinson

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