14 Day Yoga Course With Emphasis on Breathing

Online & In-Person

For the first time, Yogshakti will offer a 14-Day Breath Centered Yoga Course. The current state of Covid and increased levels of stress and anxiety around the world has reinstated the importance of breathing.
7th January (Sat) to 20th January (Fri) 2023

Yoga postures are wonderful for the bio mechanics of the body to support healthy breathing. A lot of students hyperventilate in Yoga classes. Off the mat too, we tend to over breathe and encounter:

Physical and mental fatique, anxiety, insomnia, sleep disorders, respiratory problems, frequent coughs and colds, poor circulation and immunity, mental confusion, irritability, stress, inability to concentrate to name a few.

The course will cover the following:

1) Yoga postures for strengthening the diaphragm
2) Backbends to open the chest and thorax for fuller breaths
3) Neck and shoulder release sequences to free the breath
4) Walking breathing to improve stamina and endurance
5) Breathing for respiratory ailments and improve immunity
6) The power of exhalations in forward bends
7) The impact of diet on hour breathing
8) Using the breath to unblock breathing
9) Using the breath to unblock Insomnia
10) Breathing for Anxiety/Panic attacks
11) Cultivating a still mind through breathing

This course is suitable for students will all abilities. It is very useful for Yoga and Pilates teachers.
Yogshakti is a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program) provider, which means that Yoga teachers may apply for Continuing Educations credits.
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