Yogshakti’s 21-day Online Yoga Course

Gain the confidence to build your own daily self-practice and make yoga a part of your daily life. Our 21-day course is perfect for beginners to study yoga systematically.

Online Course – You may begin at anytime

Our 21 Day Course is based on a unique and comprehensive system of yoga known as Integrative Yoga, developed over a period of 30 years by experienced yoga practitioner Shilpa Ghatalia. The aim of the course is to enable you to begin self practice and make Yoga a part of your daily life, regardless of your current yoga abilities. It is said, practice something for 21 days and it will become a habit. The course is structured to help you practice Yoga in all its facets, from physical postures and breathing techniques, to daily inner and outer cleansing and detox practices. Helping you to achieve mindfulness, meditation and deep relaxation.

Our 21 Day Integrative Yoga Courses have been running for the last 15 years, as we have seen powerful results when students commit to doing it as a course vs. attending regular classes. Now more than at any other time each of us understand how vital it is to be self-sufficient in maintaining our physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual health. Given our current circumstances and with new advances in technology you can now access this course via Live Streaming in the comfort of your home.

The course is suitable for students of all levels. Each session will take you from the fundamentals of Yoga to intermediate practices through Yogshakti’s Integrative Yoga sequences.

This course will cover:

•   Asana Fundamentals
•   Asana Sequences customized to your personal needs
•   Short Asana sequences leading to meditation both for morning and evening
•   Kriyas/ Cleansing practices
•   Breathing practices
•   Meditation

Upon completion of the course you will have the confidence to undertake self-practice.
All you need after the course is a space in your home for a Yoga mat and an allocation of one hour a day for practice. The course promises to get you addicted to the practice and enable you to make Yoga a way of life!

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Yoga is a journey toward self-awareness. Yoga is the stilling of the modifications of the mind. The Yogis say – “The mind alone is the cause of bondage and of liberation”, as it is the instrument through which we experience both the inner and outer worlds. It is the source of distress as well as the means for illumination. Through *Yoga Nidra which is a ‘sleep based meditation’ and Mindfulness you will learn how to tap into the clear field within from which the light and energy of the Self can radiate. Through its practice you will become naturally composed and joyful.

This 21-Day course has been designed to give you a ‘taste’ of the deeper aspects of Yoga that are beyond physical postures. It will enable you to tap into your own inner potential and awaken the dormant energy/shakti within. With practice you will attain, greater flexibility, strength; better digestion, elimination, sleep, energy, vitality and clarity of mind. You will enjoy Yoga and Meditation as a way of life and enjoy the positive effects of your practice ‘off the mat’. The course will give you the ability & confidence to undertake daily self-practice.

*Yoga Nidra, also known as ‘yogic sleep’, is a deep relaxation practice that works directly on the energetic body, inducing a state of wakeful calm and deep rest. It induces a state of deep relaxation (physical and mental) in which your heartbeat and breathing slow down, your body and mind become deeply calm, and the parasympathetic nervous system (the ‘healing response’ in the body) switches on. A session of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to around three hours of deep restorative sleep.

In this course you will be introduced to:

•  A clear, systematic approach to asanas/physical postures to enhance flexibility, strength and enable you to sit for meditation with ease and comfort
•  Asana routines to awaken, free and energize the subtle energy pathways
•  Yogic breathing practices to calm and still the mind
•  External & Internal cleansing practices to free the body of toxins
•  *Yoga Nidra to release deep rooted tensions in body & mind
•  Yogic Dietary principles for meditation
•  The Philosophy of Meditation – the what, how and why of meditation

The course, which has been running at Yogshakti for the last 15 years, has inspired practitioners to eventually take up the Integrative Yoga 200 hour Teacher training course to deepen their knowledge and share it with others.

Through this course we hope to ignite in you a love and passion for self-knowledge. This 21 day-course is a result of 30 years of practice & teaching to help you make Yoga and Meditation as a way of life!


SY Yoon

I have found my center of gravity!

When I first decided to sign up for the 21-day course at Yogshakti, I had expected that the Integrative Yoga method to be somewhat different from my regular home practice routines but I did not know what exactly the Integrative style entailed. I was curious but looking forward to begin the program. After completing the course, I found the practice to be so much more than just “some differences” than my own practice. The practice of Integrative Yoga has transformed my approach to yoga – by incorporating proper breathing and meditation techniques, centering and calming the mind – all this new-found knowledge has allowed my asanas to become more fluid and light as though they were on auto-pilot mode. For instance, in the past I had to kick up many times to find that balance in forearm stand and struggled to stay in the pose. After the 21-day course, I was able to kick up to the pose with lightness and stay in the pose without tiring my shoulders out.

Florence Philibert Duchemin

Participated in 21 Day Course in 2019


Participated in Yogshakti’s 21 Day course in 2019


Participated in Yogshakti’s 21 Day course in 2018

Eva Juric-Lim

Participated in Yogshakti’s 21 Day course in 2018

Loic Martineau

Participated in Yogshakti’s 21 Day course in 2018

Nicole Lee’

Participated in Yogshakti’s 21 Day course in 2018

Diana Manigart

Participated in Yogshakti’s 21 Day course in 2018

Florence Philibert-Duchemin

I started yoga 6 years ago, and had tried many yoga styles and classes in the past. Here in Yogshakti, I discovered a whole new approach to yoga that made me join their 21 Day Courses regularly. Although I was not new to yoga, with Shilpa, the way to get into the poses is very different. It is kind to the body.

When I started, I was very busy with work, so I had some doubts on attending class early at 6.30am every single day. But throughout the course, I found myself in a very good shape. I felt refreshed, not exhausted. I always leave the class in a nice, peaceful state of mind.

Shilpa teaches beyond the asanas. We are introduced and encouraged to practice the holistic yogic lifestyle. She teaches us the very important fundamentals: how to sit, stand and walk that we can apply on daily basis. It makes me remember to position myself properly. Sitting too much used to be painful to me, but thanks to the hip opening exercises taught by Shilpa, I now have far less pain around the hip.

Yogshakti’s 21 Day Course is truly a great way to give some time to yourself, particularly if you are very busy in life. It is a fantastic gift to yourself.

Sanja Medic

“I am completely relieved of my Sciatica pain”.

I have Sciatica, and I have been practising yoga for about 10 years. My physiotherapist recommended me to try yoga at Yogshakti to relieve my Sciatica pain. After only a few classes, I was hooked on Integrative Yogq, and decided to sign up for the 21 Day Course. Knowing about my medical condition and concerns, Shilpa dilligently kept an eye on my forms in the poses. Ever since the 21 Day Course, I practice yoga daily and the Sciatica pain is gone. This yoga has left me feeling so positive and energetic. It has been so long since I have felt this way! For this, I am forever grateful to Shilpa and her Integrative Yoga practice.

Signe Jensen

I attended the 21 Day Course for the third time in March and every course brings something new into my morning practice, and my daily life, too. Shilpa has so much to give. She makes you see things in a bigger perspective. I have always been overdoing my yoga practice and therefore often got injured.

With Shilpa, I learned to listen to my body and to come into poses effortlessly and with ease. I could never meditate before…my mind was too busy and I didn’t know how to handle it. Shilpa’s combination of effortless movements, mindfulness and breath awareness, often leads me into spontaneous meditating. I can easily sit for longer period of time. I feel like I found home with Yogshakti’s Integrative Yoga practice. I can’t recommend the course enough!


I started this journey with a bit of skepticism, and some fear, too. To me, Yoga had always been just a workout…I had never experienced meditation, either. With Shilpa and Yogshakti’s Integrative Yoga method, I started feeling some sensations in only a week into the course…my body and mindset were changing. I am so thankful for this.

I am looking forward to the 200 hours Teacher Training Course, to see what more practice and knowledge will bring. So happy that I took the chance to try something different, out of my comfort zone. Thank you, Shilpa! I feel blessed to have crossed your path!

Shilpa Cross

Uniquely beautiful!

It’s been only 21 day’s, but it’s been a truly enlightening experience. I finally feel that yoga can be enjoyable and light. I feel like there is a “new “me. It’s almost magical and there have been moments when I have felt like I have tasted the true nectar of yoga from a deeper level.

Some of the immediate benefits I have felt in just 21 days are:
My energy levels throughout the day are a lot higher, I need less sleep, I am a lot more confident about myself, and most importantly, I am a lot calmer with my family and loved ones. I love the way this course has given me a taster of every aspect of yoga.be it asanas, breathing techniques, Qi Gong ( which I had never done before), meditation, wellness, teachings, lightness, lifestyle, diet, truly a holistic approach to yoga – you have covered it all beautifully in just 21 days. I look forward to the sessions every morning and am definitely stung this time. Really looking forward to the 200 -hour course.

And last but not least, a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s a long journey and I have not even touched the tip of the iceberg, but I know that I am in good hands with you and your teaching and guidance and the rest is up to me. Thank you Shilpa.

Anna Fernandez

It’s like a gym exercise for your mind. It gives you clarity.

Integrative Yoga is all about fluidity…it is definitely a form of yoga that is beyond asanas. “The mind exercise” in Integrative Yoga has truly transformed me. Before this, I was stuck in the moment. But the practice has been amazing in helping me move on, realizing that there is something way bigger than pain and anger: my beautiful children, the beautiful life ahead of me. Now I can find peace in chaos. Perfection in imperfections. As Shilpa always said, “Stepping back allows us to see the whole picture”.

Crystal Yee

I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to enhance every aspect of their life.

I knew about the incredible, life changing benefits I would get from a daily integrative yoga practice because I attended teacher training with Shilpa in May 2018.

However, during the busy summer vacation months following the course, I slowly lost my daily practice routine and with it the connection with my true self. The physical feeling of heaviness and sluggishness started to return. Anxiousness, impatience and scattered thoughts began creeping back into my life. I realized I needed to get back to my daily integrative yoga practice.

I’m so grateful I had a chance to join the 21 day challenge with Shilpa in Sept/Oct 2018. Through her teaching I am again able to feel the “high” from a daily yoga practice. I feel more physically light and more mentally calm and grounded in my daily life. The 21 day challenge is an incredible course and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to enhance every aspect of their life.


Grateful to experience your training!

Shilpa, I can not tell you how much me and my body benefited from having spent the time that I did with you… I am so fortunate to have a Mom that is so passionate about everything you teach and loves you so much she introduced me to you! From a young age I have always believed that yoga was not for me, that my hamstrings are so tight and I am not flexible. Your course… even though I just got 10 days of it, has taught me otherwise. You have no idea how grateful I am to experience your training and to be able to start incorporating it into my everyday life. I am SO excited to take it back to college and show all of my friends… although I am not you, I now feel it is so important for everyone to know what you teach!!  Anyway, I can’t say thank you enough for the opportunity, and I have really thanked my mom!♥️

Claire Louise

It’s about tapping into my inner power and peace.

Before taking part in Yogshakti’s 21 day course, yoga used to be more of a workout for me. Throughout the course, I learned to view and experience yoga from a different perspective: to let my body takes it course rather than stretching and forcing it to get into poses.

The beauty of Integrative Yoga is that it allows my body to prepare and as a result, I managed to get into poses that I had never been able to access before. I particularly loved the hip-opening part for the fact that it unlocked the area where humans store emotions. It was truly healing! And Shilpa’s aura is so comforting.

The practice now feels effortless…it becomes a moving meditation. To me now, yoga is about tapping into something that I’ve always had in me all along: my inner power, and inner peace, too.

Noémie Cavalin

It is natural and effortless. It clears your mind.

I started doing Integrative Yoga in Yogshakti in June, after having practiced yoga for 7 years. The kind of yoga that I used to do was full of stretches, and I was looking for something more spiritual.

Integrative Yoga felt different. The muscles in my joints seemed to be more relaxed. To my surprise, I felt way more flexible.

The benefits I experienced led me to sign up for the 21-day Course. I left the course feeling taller, calmer, and able to endure stressful situations better. I am naturally quiet, but people around me said that I am now even calmer, and more relaxed.

Overall, I feel happier!

Gemma Allan

Gemma Allan, mother of two, completed Yogshakti’s 21-day Integrative Yoga Course in October 2018. She also recently completed the 200 hour Teacher Training Course in November 2018.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

I am an active person, and I run to keep myself fit. Other than running, I used to practice Ashtanga and Vinyasa, but would rather skip the meditation part. One day I stumbled upon Yogshakti and decided to give Integrative Yoga a try. It felt like a very different type of yoga for me, so I used to have a lot of questions. In the early days, I would say to myself, “I need a stronger exercise” and “I don’t really want to do Qigong…”.  But after practicing for some time, I started to notice some changes in myself. I started feeling so calm, so at peace.

Eventually, I signed up for the 21-day Integrative Yoga Course in October. I left the course feeling more grounded, and I felt that my sleep quality has somehow improved. Life could get really hectic, but the practice has helped me to be more fully present around my children. As for my workout routine, I plan to continue running, followed by Integrative Yoga after. It is the kind of yoga that is suitable and beneficial for everyone, even for beginners!

Martina Resende

Martina Resende, Bach Flower Therapist is a graduate of Yogshakti’s 200-hr Integrative Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Who has never done yoga should try, and who already practices yoga should, too. You will find freedom. You will find peace.

I’m a therapist, and I found myself falling in love with Yogshakti’s Integrative Yoga compared to other yoga practices. How it focuses more on breathing, how it leads me to pay attention to my body’s limitations, and how it is non-prejudiced. Integrative Yoga embraces all body shape. There are no limitations. This is a practice that encourages acceptance of how you truly are.

Having completed the 21-day course recently, I noticed that Integrative Yoga has evolved from back in the days when I took the 200-hr Teacher Training Course. The approach feels even gentler now. I can get into shoulder and headstand with lightness and fluidity. It used to feel heavy, and now it feels so much lighter! What’s amazing is that with such gentleness, it still leads me to my center. I always, always leave the class at peace.

As a therapist, I incorporate integrative yoga in my practice. Pranayama and centering techniques such as crocodile pose are very beneficial to my clients. They feel less anxious and more focused. Experiencing the benefits themselves, many of them decided to join the 21 day course and even Integrative Yoga Teacher Training Course at Yogshakti.

Koh San Tee

“Not only have I returned to my pre-pregnancy shape, I’ve gained valuable insights on the way I stand, walk, and sit to the way I breathe. The asanas helped me release tension from the body and calm the mind. I’m happier and able to handle tough situations with more ease and grace. Once inspired by the Scaravelli approach to yoga, one just cannot get enough of it. I find myself practicing back bend in my office, while waiting for the lift and in the lift! Yoga poses I never dreamt of are now ‘happening’ for me.”

Eri Takatsu

“These last 2 months have been the most precious in my life. It was the deepest yoga training I have ever had. I had heard that one could heal illness and injury through yoga and it was certainly true for me! I have regained my vigour. At the beginning of the course, I did not imagine that I could do the shoulder stand for 15 minutes or the wheel pose and the forearm stand. Last but not least, I never imagined I could stand on my yoga mat andpractise every single day in the early morning.”

Olivier Di Tullio

“The 21-day yoga course has given me so much more than just physical health. I have learned so much through this one course that I feel I can independently practise on my own. I have experienced bliss and feel fearless. I will definitely recommend this 21-day course to as many people as possible. It is most enlightening.”

Shakirah Zain

Thank you for teaching me about that lovely cave in the centre of my being. I’m able to retreat into its silence and peace, and try to detach from the craziness of the world whenever I need it.

Hasnan Hakim

“My practice has evolved into a sequence of its own. But the one you taught many years ago is still a part of it. I do a comprehensive routine and going deeper recently I achieved the unsupported shoulder stand. This is a good course for those who would like to build a home practise. I definitely recommend it.”

Catherine Jones

“Practicing yoga with the “spine awakening” technique has been the biggest detoxification I have ever experienced. After only the first few sessions, I felt decades of tension, emotion, anger, pain, guilt, etc., being release from my spine.”

Alicia Horsley

“I have always craved the inner peace and calm energy which comes from yoga. Previously because I did only Vinyasa, the state of well-being lasted just a day or so. Doing the 21-day course has given me the ability to practise at home daily without a teacher. The Scaravelli inspired approach coupled with Shilpa’s attention to detail has resulted in massively improved pose and subsequently enhanced breathing, health and energy levels. I have refined my technique and experienced a great deal of spiritual growth.”

Marie Do

“This course has helped me find and connect to that internal resource which is always there and available, no matter what. I feel more peaceful and balanced throughout the whole day. I love the Pranayama and have made it a part of my daily routine; what a difference it makes before meditation!Since then, I have had very special moments of feeling absolutely still and centred, so much at peace…”

Sandrine Bruneau

“The 21-day course went beyond my expectations, and it is hard to find the words to explain the magic and beauty of my experience. I discovered yoga like never before, and I know it is only the beginning of a new journey. I now feel lighter and more at peace, approach life with much more clarity and awareness of thought, emotions, and bodily sensations. I feel more alive, joyful and keep recommending the course to people.”

Dayle Abraham

“The Vanda Scaravelli method has completely changed my home practice. The course has also taught me an effective method for daily cleansing. The philosophy offered in class enabled me to take my practice off the mat into daily life. You have had a profound influence on my yoga path.“

Hanani Zain

“I’m addicted to doing the self-practice now. Even when I don’t have time in the morning, I squeeze in 10 minutes between daily tasks to do isolated sequences. I feel more ‘graceful’ and generally refreshed and alive. The stiff shoulder and neck I’ve been suffering from is almost completely gone. I’m so thrilled about this!“

Rathi Nair

“The 21 day course has indeed been a fabulous introduction to the Traditional Yoga that I have been looking for. Working with the spine and correcting the pelvis positioning has slowly started becoming habit, thanks to this course. The really effective Kriyas and Routine taught in this course has indeed instilled in me the habit of practicing yoga daily! Hope to continue with this and benefit from it for the rest of my life!!“

Hamish Chartres

“Today was a great day for me. Felt really ‘present’ for most of the session. I’m slowly learning the routines and having to look around at others less. Looking around less also stops me competing with others and pushing myself further than I am currently capable. I feel so much energy in the room when everyone is doing the humming and today we were so in sync that it sounded like a professional recording. I still get interrupted by my thinking mind all the time, but have a better understanding of what I need to do to bring myself back to the present. My focus on my breathing has increased and there were two memorable things today. I was focusing on breathing lite and all of a sudden a work thought entered my head and my breathing went haywire, but was quickly able to return to my lite breathing. During the pigeon pose, with each exhalation, I sank further into the pose which was a wonderful feeling. Over the years I have ‘trialled’ a number of yoga teachers, but as you all know, Shilpa is amazing and we are so lucky to have her. After class Shilpa always takes the time to talk with us and took she took more than ten minutes helping me with a pose I was having difficulty with. Thank you. I can understand why so many are returning students. Following this great start to the day I then went and did a day of maintenance at a children’s shelter in Bangsar instead of going to work. Was a blissful day.”

Lisa Lee

“When friends and family asked me about what I did in this 21-day course and Buteyko breathing workshops, I told them – “it feels like going through discovery channel with me in it”. I felt so empowered after the course and workshop which have taken me on this great journey of discovery. They are so powerful, no words can describe it. Only my internal experience is the testimonial. I thank you and everyone at the workshop for the beautiful energy. Although I started yoga 5 years ago, it felt like I was learning it for the first time and discovering my body for the first time. Each day I look forward to discover myself more and more.“

Junko Harada

“I have learned a lot in your meditation class despite being born in Japan and having been surrounded by daily spiritual practices based on our tradition. If I hadn’t taken this course I wouldn’t have realised that those tiny daily practices were the ones which make me meditate. I can’t express how much I appreciate this great experience with you. It’s also easier for me to let go of regrets. I even sit and walk properly and gracefully and able to meditate for longer. The many important messages from you will make the rest of my life happier and much brighter!“

Anne Deguerry Viala

“When I began Yoga at Yogshakti Studio with the 21 days course, I felt I was at the right place, with philosophy of yoga that was matching a real quest and not just a physical/fitness activity.

This inspired me to join the Yoga Teacher Training Course in Sept 2015. What I found in this course is beyond what I can write as a testimony.

I found lightness in my body and a quality of awareness/mindfulness that arose in my mind. It was the perfect combination which helped me view my life with new perspective that was both liberating and joyous!

The Teacher Training Course covers many interesting facets of yoga. From Scaravelli’s freedom of the spine, Yin Yoga, Philosophy, Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, Meditation. The course enabled me to become well grounded in the fundamentals to the extent that I am now able to feel, experiment and build my own practice. Integrative yoga is not dogmatic, it is evolutive.

I am truly grateful for the experience as it has helped me to deepen my understanding like never before. “

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