Both Yoga and Buteyko emphasize slowing respiration and breathing less. In this workshop we will combine two powerful practices that will include Yoga sequences to enhance and improve: Sleep, Elimination, Energy, Focus and Meditation. This workshop will also include Yogic Pranayama techniques combined with Asana.

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Who can attend:

This workshop is suitable for all and can be attended even by those who do not have prior experience in Yoga.

Children above 5 years old is welcomed to join. Children suffering from Allergic Rhinitis, Asthma and other respiratory issues will benefit greatly from the workshop.

People often believe that their breathing is too shallow, but when we breathe from the upper chest, gulping in air through the mouth before each sentence; when our habitual exhalations are short; when we snore, yawn and cough a lot, and awaken in the morning feeling tired with a dry mouth and blocked nose: we are certainly over-breathing. The tendency to involuntarily and habitually over-breathe is known as chronic hyperventilation.

In the 1950s a Russian medical scientist, Professor K. P. Buteyko, discovered that the occurrence and severity of some of the most common “diseases of civilization” ; Asthma, Eczema, Sleep Apnea, Insomnia & other kind of sleep disturbances, Nasal Problems, Allergies, Panic/Anxiety conditions Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, to name a few, are closely related to the way we breathe. He devoted over 40 years of research into respiration and found that most of us breathe too much: perhaps 3 to 5 times more than our body’s requirements. He has proven Buteyko practices provide significant improvement for the following conditions:

•  Asthma
•  Eczema
•  Sleep Apnoea
•  Snoring
•  Insomnia
•  Other sleep disturbances
•  Nasal Problems
•  Hay fever
•  Sinusitis
•  Allergies
•  Rhinitis
•  Blocked Nose
•  Emphysema
•  Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease
•  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
•  Panic and Anxiety conditions
•  Dental problems
•  Migraine
•  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
•  Poor circulation
•  Restless legs

Typical Results Of Buteyko Technique Program

Elimination of asthma and allergy symptoms, usually beginning on the first day or so and the requirement for symptomatic medication, diminishing proportionately. Cessation of snoring, a much easier and more effective option than surgery or divorce. Reduction of the symptoms of breathlessness, even for those diagnosed with emphysema. We have lost count of how many people have come into a program dependent on administered oxygen. Within a few days they are able to breathe easily without it, walking further than ever, without becoming breathless.

•    Angina and anxiety symptoms strongly curbed until they invariably completely cease.
•    Racing pulse begins to lower, concentration improves, and blood pressure begins to normalize.
•    High blood pressure lowers, and conditions such as tinnitus diminishes proportionately.
•    Paradoxically, low blood pressure normalizes. Hormonal problems, in particular thyroid complaints improve.
•    Diabetics begin to notice substantial shifts in their condition.
•    Digestive complaints such as ulcerative colitis, burping flatulence and the symptoms of crohns reduce or disappear.
•    High cholesterol levels normalize.
•    Sufferers of chronic fatigue, find renewed energy, they need less sleep and begin to thrive.
•    Metabolic rate improves and appetite diminishes, a most natural way to lose or normalise weight. For those who are underweight and suffer eating disorders appetite improves and weight normalises.
•    Insomniacs report their first sound sleep, often in years within a few days. And people who suffer from sleep apnoea find almost instant improvement, even with their daytime.
•    Insomnolence. They can safely sleep without those noisy machines that increase partial airway pressure.
•    Stress related symptoms, which make all health problems worse, are dramatically reduced, often to a fraction of former levels within days.

Frequently Asked Questions

As babies we breathed using our diaphragm. As we grew older due to emotions such as fear & anxiety we stopped using the diaphragm and began to chest breathe.

Yes, because it over stimulates in us, the fight flight mechanism or the stress response which then leads to stress related diseases.

Yes, it can have adverse effects on our general health as breathing has an impact on all the vital functions of our body. Our blood pressure, pulse, metabolism, hormones, pH, digestion, circulation are all affected by the way we breath.

Yes, it can lead, from moderate to serious health problems. For instance, problems such as, poor digestion, circulation, headaches etc, have been related to faulty breathing.

•  Poor posture •  Physical pain, illness or injury: We have a tendency to hold our breath when we’re in pain or facing any form of stress, be it psychological, emotional or physical. •  Sedentary lifestyle

We have learnt to cut ourselves off from uncomfortable feelings and sensations by gripping the abdominal muscles as a coping mechanism and undertaking chest breathing. Practising slow-breathing techniques for as little as half an hour a week has been known to reduce the blood pressure of people with hypertension, according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Hypertension.

Slow breathing leads to a calm & balanced nervous system. It induces the relaxation response which is very conducive for mitigating hypertension.

Yes, indeed the Buteyko method has undergone several clinical trials both in Australia & in the UK with reported successes in treating asthma patients.

By using the diaphragm when you breathe, the sound & ability to project your voice can improve.

Most diseases such as high cholesterol, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes have to some extent been traced to hyperventilation causing the body’s defense mechanism to be over stimulated.

Other benefits

Apart from the elimination of the symptoms of the “diseases of civilization”, the practice of Buteyko’s Method provides other benefits:

Mental clarity, improved concentration and increased physical capabilities.
Improved energy and alertness and a sense of inner calm are strongly cultivated.
Often diverse conditions, which were not the focus of attention improve, or are eradicated. These include infertility, erectile dysfunction, constipation, menopausal conditions, cramps and even simple headaches are eradicated.

Why do all these benefits happen?

When you consider that we breathe approximately 30000 times a day and that the metabolising of oxygen from the blood stream to the cells, muscles and tissues is dependent on the volume of air breathed to maintain sufficient production of carbon dioxide it all starts to make sense.

For many this workshop has proven to be life changing.

Breathing and Sports

It will help to improve performance of any kind of exercise from Sports to Yoga by improving stamina & lowering the heart rate.

The Link Between Breathing & Anxiety

The quality of and function of the mind are tightly bound to the way we breathe. It is considered by many psychologists that all of the physical symptoms of anxiety are related to hyperventilation. Hyperventilation is frequently provoked and sustained by anxiety and chronic unresolved stress. Working with breathing can modify the stress response. This gives one the tools and ability to modify their own anxiety response increasing the sense of control which is so important in decreasing the health damaging effects of stress.

This method is suitable for all ages – especially for children who suffer Asthma, Hay fever and other Respiratory problems.

For many this workshop has proven to be life changing.

What this Means:

The time you just measured is called the “control pause” or CP, and it reflects the tolerance of your body to carbon dioxide. Short control pause times correlate with low tolerance to CO2 and chronically depleted CO2 levels. Here are the criteria for evaluating your control pause (CP):

– CP 40 to 60 seconds: Indicates a normal, healthy breathing pattern, and excellent physical endurance
– CP 20 to 40 seconds: Indicates mild breathing impairment, moderate tolerance to physical exercise, and potential for health problems in the future (most folks fall into this category)
– CP 10 to 20 seconds: Indicates significant breathing impairment and poor tolerance to physical exercise; nasal breath training and lifestyle modifications are recommended (potential areas are poor diet, overweight, excess stress, excess alcohol, etc.)
– CP under 10 seconds: Serious breathing impairment, very poor exercise tolerance, and chronic health problems; Dr. Buteyko recommends consulting a Buteyko practitioner for assistance

In summary, the shorter your CP, the more easily you’ll get breathless. If your CP is less than 20 seconds, NEVER have your mouth open during exercise, as your breathing is too unstable. This is particularly important if you have asthma. The good news is that you will feel better and improve your exercise endurance with each five-second increase in your CP, which you can accomplish by incorporating the following Buteyko breathing exercise.

Our Buteyko Workshops Testimonials

Peter Chwal

“I have experienced a range of benefits which have led me to believe that Buteyko improves overall health. My benefits include:
– Increased energy – I sleep 5 to 6 hours a night compared to 8 to 9 hours.
– Increased clarity – I can easily distinguish between what really matters and what doesn’t.
– Increased patience and tolerance – my parents said I am calmer and more pleasant.
– Improved ability to remain calm – I’m not affected by stress the same way.
– Improved skin complexion including some signs of improvements to a lifelong skin condition.
– Improved digestive function – I now realise my stomach aches of the past were not ‘normal’.
– The quality of my sleep has improved. I wake up feeling well rested and ready for work.

This has been a great experience for me and I really want to sustain this. Thank you for this, Shilpa. It has given me focus and made a big difference in my life.“

Ellie Wyatt

“For everything I have gained from your presence as my guru, Shilpa, I offer deep loving kindness, heartfelt thanks, and eternal joy. May your wonderful influence on your students continue for as long as you wish to share your knowledge”

lrika Brunner

“3 weeks after the course I’ve lost three kilos and feel great! My migraines have diminished and I hope next month will be even better. I feel lighter, brighter, more cheerful and more focused on what’s important and to ignore what is not.“

Cong Contreras

“The amazing thing about Buteyko breathing is that not only does it have long term benefits but also instantaneous results. I find the techniques useful when I start to have allergic reactions, have constipation or find it hard to go back to sleep at night. I just do the breathing for 5-10 minutes and immediately these problems are resolved.“

Sonja Bjorshol

“10 days into the Buteyko Breathing practice and I’ve lost 3.5 kilos. I sleep much better and am more calm and alert. I have more energy than ever before. It has helped my yoga practice and cravings for caffeine and sugar have gone. I feel so much more positive and open to greater possibilities. I never knew just mere breathing alone can make such a difference to my life. I wish everyone can have the opportunity to try it for themselves.“

Dina Ibrahim

“I attended the Buteyko Workshop twice. The first time a persistent cough cleared up after the first day and everything I saw looked fresh and vivid. I was less tired, slept less but woke up very alert. I went the second time for a refresher and this time lost a lot of weight. Friends thought I had been very sick or had been on a crash diet. But I looked very well and was full of energy. A year since then, I have gone down two dress sizes and happy to say that the weight has stayed off. I don’t get ill and even if I do feel like coming down with something, Buteyko helps me. My resistance has improved tremendously.“

Koh San Tee

“I first heard about Buteyko breathing in late February 2008 from a friend who had just completed a 5-day workshop with Shilpa. Upon learning that the method can help lose weight, I immediately enrolled myself to the workshop. After just 2 days I began to notice reduced appetite and became a vegetarian without even trying. I lost 2.5 kg in 10 days by just “breathing”. My complexion became clearer and no longer needed to take a short nap in the evening to continue working through the night. I’m able to stay fresh and focus throughout the day. The method also helps in my yoga practice enabling certain poses I couldn’t do before.“

Shahrina Aziz

“The changes in my life began with an hour of Buteyko breathing 5 days in a row. It has made me happier, calmer, and able to sleep peacefully, think clearly and lose weight. Basically wonderful things were happening to me. On the whole I looked great and felt great. I also noticed the changes within me reflected outside as well, people were nicer, the world seemed wonderful and life fell into place effortlessly.“

Satya Sundaram

“I did the Buteyko breathing workshop in March 2007. I have allergic rhinitis which is kept under control with steroid sprays. The results were instant from the very first practice; my blocked and runny nose cleared and has stayed that way as long as I do the daily practice. I haven’t used the steroid spray since. Other positive changes feeling less hunger and sugar craving. I followed Shilpa’s suggestion to eat only when I was hungry. I found that I ate less and enjoyed my meals more. Two weeks after the workshop I lost three kilos without even trying. The most satisfying change is that asanas have become effortless and there is greater stillness in my meditation..“

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