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Diet is an important aspect of leading a “Yogic Lifestyle”.

The Art of Healthful Cooking

This course gives an introduction to building blocks of a wholesome diet and demonstrates how to quickly cook, and introduce variations to, a healthy vegetarian meal, using spices to aid digestion. The following demonstrations and recipes will be provided:

High protein gluten free bread, crepes, chutneys and sprouts

Learn how to make versatile Indian crepes that can be meals unto themselves! These crepes are wonderful for anyone opting to go on a high protein and gluten free diet, which both adults and kids will love!  They can turn into an instant meal, or a healthy snack. You will learn how to make a gluten free bread using super grains, 3 types of light, healthful  crepes  accompanied by 3 different chutneys that are quick and easy and sprouting seeds to make a healthy “live salad. 

Fermented food, yoghurt and paneer

There is enough evidence on fermented foods as a means to replenishing and introducing healthy bacteria for the gut and well-being on all levels, physical, mental and emotional. You will learn how to make Coconut Kefir, Kombucha, fermented vegetables, Kimchi, homemade yogurt and paneer. Kimchi.

This course runs in one two and a half hour sessions.
Time: Saturdays at 10am to 12:30 pm
Date of the course: To be advised.

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