Laughter Yoga followed by Healing Sound Bath


Laughter Yoga is a fun whole body workout, designed by a medical professional, for busy people who would like to discover an easy, reliable modality for managing stress, and enhancing their quality of Life. It fosters Mindfulness; the ability to centre oneself in the present moment, which leads to the cultivation of joy and inner peace, and a more caring, compassionate relationship with self and others.

Research has shown that Laughter Yoga has many health benefits for Body, Mind and Spirit. These are immediately experienced right from the first session. Everyone can be included, no matter one’s age or physical condition – It is not necessary to be flexible or funny, just to come with an open mind.

Chandanna Denzayll will gently and playfully guide You through this ‘feel-good’ practice which combines intentional laughter with light stretches and breathing exercises, rhythm and free movement. She recommends this as a unique and effective way to relax and pamper yourself, especially when combined with a soothing Sound Bath.

Dates & Times

23rd July 2017



2:00pm – 4:00pm



per session

What is a Sound Bath?

After the energizing aerobic laughter session, You will be invited to lie down and receive a vibrational massage, that will tune and balance every cell and organ in your body, while healing sounds are sung and played around you.

Elizabeth Huxtable is an expert Sound Therapist, who will take You on a 45 minute inner journey with her amazing crystal singing bowls, chimes, xylophone and beautiful voice, to resonate your whole body into wellness.

Imagine entering into a state of trance bliss – your heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, brainwaves and stress hormones will decrease, allowing You to heal both physically and emotionally. Doorways to higher states of consciousness open, where You can receive insight and inspiration from your Higher Self.



Born in South Africa, Chandanna started practicing Meditation and Yoga at the age of 19, with the Sivananda School of Yoga and later with her life-long mentor, Yogacharya Rollo Goldfoot. She is dedicated to Mindful Living through Advaita.

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Elizabeth Huxtable

As a musician and singer, Elizabeth developed an interest in how music and sound can be used for healing and energy balancing. This led her to study sound therapy at the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco where she became a certified Sound Therapist and Sound Healer.

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