Yin Yoga + Sound Bath

Take a journey of deep relaxation, healing and self discovery this coming December. Join Yin Yoga and Sound Bath with Asako and Sari on 15th of December at Yogshakti, 4pm-6pm. Immerse yourself in beautiful sounds and vibrations, and let the Chi flow freely throughout the body. Enjoy an Early Bird Price of RM 100 up to 7th of December. Register via your Yogshakti Calendar.

Asako will guide you to work on the energy body in order for the Chi to flow unobstructed throughout the body. Sari, a Reiki master, and a practitioner of alchemy crystal singing bowls, koshi chimes and Tibetan Singing Bowls will give a Sound Bath that is deeply relaxing and meditative.

Everything in the Universe, including our body, is composed of vibrations. Every organ and every cell in our body vibrates at a particular frequency. Sound and vibration travels up to five times more effectively through water. As the human body is made up of over 70% water, we can understand that sound and vibration can effect us at a cellular level. Our bones have a crystalline structure that creates an entrainment between sound and body.

Asako started Yoga in 2006 with Shilpa Ghatalia at Yogshakti in KL, and is now RYT500 certified. She is a Gendai Reiki Master, and has completed 65hr Yin and MFR with JoPhee in 2019.
Sari is the founder and owner of Sound Healing salon HIBIKI. She learned alchemy crystal singing bowls and koshi chimes from Jun Makino, the first authorised master alchemist in Japan recognised by Crystal Tones America, and Tibetan Singing Bowls from Dr. Buathon Thienarrom, a wellness practitioner.

Dates & Times

15th December 2019



4:00pm – 6:00pm



Early Bird: RM100.00
(pay before or by 7th Dec 2019)

Regular Bird: RM120.00

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