Yoga/Ayurvedic Health Retreat

A Two Day Yoga/Ayurvedic Health Retreat with Shilpa Ghatalia
at Yogshakti to usher in the New Year!

Yogshakti’s new center in Bangsar is an oasis of peace. Set amidst beautiful trees and sound of birds you will be treated to a retreat in an urban setting.

The 2-day Immersion that includes Yoga, Ayurveda, Yogic Kriyas, Breathing, Meditation & Deep Relaxation will involve:

Integrative Yoga: Practice a form of Yoga that combines two powerful styles – the *Scaraveli Inspired Spinal Yoga and Taoist Yin Yoga to offer a comprehensive style that is healing, intelligent, powerful and deeply transformative.
Ayurveda: Enjoy wonderful home cooked Ayurvedic food and learn how to cook and incorporate it into your diet
Yogic Kriyas: Cleansing techniques which are the ideal start to the day have powerful detox effects, help with elimination and energize the nervous system.
Breathing: In Integrative Yoga we integrate pranayama and other breathing techniques to help you bring vitality, energy, calmness, still your mind and prepare it for meditation
Meditation & Deep Relaxation: We will practice Qi Gong as a moving meditation and deep yogic relaxation called Yoga Nidra which can induce healing, awaken intuition/inner knowing; creativity, problem solving and gaining deep insights.

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